I'm kinda rushed right now, but what I can tell you is this:

- DCs for maneuvers work much like spells' DCs, it's 10 + Maneuver Level + Ability modifier. So your DCs should also follow that rule. Ie: Momento Vixisti has a base DC of 12, it should be 14.
- You have too many maneuvers. It makes for a discipline with a lot more versatility than others, which results IMO in a much stronger Discipline.
- When you describe your Maneuvers, you should really precise if a "Single Melee Attack" or a "Melee Attack" is required, or it could lead to confusion and slow down play when at the table. It could also lead to some abuse by players.

Aside from those things, as I see it now, it's really flavorful. When I get more time, I'll read more in detail.