A little impromptu song:

On the Internet You're Wrong
By Rutskarn

Whenever on the Internet, remember this little song:
Whenever you have an opinion, just remember that you're wrong
You're a fanboy or elitist, you simply have no clue
If you like that show, you're stupid, and if you don't, screw you

You didn't do your research; you're clouding the truth with facts
My cited source's a genius while each one of yours are hacks
I'll scream and whine and bicker on until your composure cracks
Then tell you how I engaged your mother in various carnal acts

My argument is that I'm right and your problem is that you're wrong
And hopefully you'll have realized this by the time we complete this song

(jazz solo)

There's no room for opinion; there's no room for debate
I engage you like my victory's written in the book of fate
I think of you as a brain-dead cretin who's never had a date
Who must be shown the error of his ways 'fore it's too late

So now this song is over, now wasn't it deluxe?
What's that? You say you liked it? Are you kidding me? It sucks.