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I absolutely love this class, enough so that I'm gonna save it and bug our DM to let us keep it with our database of playable classes and races.

My one thought is that for a full BAB class with two good saves and a whole suite of interesting and useful class abilities (including mock spellcasting), 6 skill points per level might be a bit on the higher side without lessening something in another area?

That said, it's not a full caster, so being 'a little strong' by melee class standards actually makes it just about perfect
Haha. Full base attack bonus, two good saves, mock spellcasting, useful class features, d8 hit dice, and 6 skill points per level. Sound familiar? (cough ranger cough)

It's true, I was aiming for a little above par as far as ranged classes go, mostly because the choices for archers right now really suck. Ranger, scout, and fighter are pretty much your only choices, and each of them has problems. Scout's great, but only really good for a particular kind of archer. A sagittarius is a true marksman that can make incredible shots.

That being said, I suppose I could drop the skill points to 4 + Int. I'm not sure it's the right way to go, though, especially since this class already needs good Dexterity, Wisdom, and probably Strength (for composite bows) and Constitution (for hp and to make up the weak Fort save). I'd be loathe to force them to invest more in Intelligence just to get a decent skill selection, especially since archers generally need to have quite a few skills. Something to think about, I guess.

Thoughts, comments? Anybody else think I should drop the skill points?

Thanks for the interest, and I'm glad you like it! Feel free to use it wherever you like!