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Thread: The Sagittarius [Base Class, PEACH]

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    Yes, exactly. The spell level is 1 + 1/4 of her class level, for a maximum of 6th level spells at 20th level. Where are you getting the 9th level spells from?

    Hardly overpowering by that point, especially considering that by that point she can also burn concurrences for fateful shot. The only real way to use concurrences would be for utility spells. If you're depending on them for combat, you're going to run out fast.

    As for the spell list, I believe it mentions that it can be any arcane or divine spell? Which, happily, includes all those custom ranger spells they made to improved ranged combat.

    Thanks for the interest! I hope that clears up any confusion you might have had! Is there some phrase or wording that isn't clear in it?

    EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure I put in a restriction that you can't pick a spell with an expensive material component or an XP cost. In fact, here's the quote:

    Quote Originally Posted by Me!
    She may select a single arcane or divine spell of no higher level than 1+1/4 her sagittarius class level. She may not select a spell with a valuable material component for an XP cost.
    So that knocks wish right out.
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