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Thread: The Sagittarius [Base Class, PEACH]

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    Big news! I wanted to make some more refinements to the marksman techniques, and had some other ideas too; so I present to you advanced marksman techniques! Now, at 11th level and later, you can instead learn an improved version of a marksman technique you already know! This lets the sagittarius stay competitive at higher levels, when archery becomes a woefully weak combat choice. Read them and tell me what you think!

    As for the math issue, I made it a lot clearer by inserting the word 'of' into the sentence. Read it again, and I think it'll be a bit more obvious how it works. Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention, Debihuman!

    @PId6– I'm glad you like it! Let me know how it works out!

    @Almn– Maybe, but I think it would get boring after a while. This one's interesting because it has some really cool mechanics in it, like the concurrences. On the other hand, if you like the idea, feel free to make your own class that uses it as well!

    I'm in an exclamation mark sort of mood!

    Thanks for the interest, everybody!

    EDIT: @RoC– Wow, thanks very much! I remember that class, the fortune seeker, and remember that it was really awesome! I loved the idea of a 7th ability score as luck. Thanks for the kind words; I admire your homebrewing skills immensely (cough descent of shadows cough blasphemous preacher cough) and I'm glad you like it!
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