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    These are pretty cool. I applaud in praise! =D

    I do have 2 specific thoughts on these, however, one a nitpick and the other more a suggestion, I suppose.

    First, the nitpick: The skinling, as the only one of the mini golems with an Int score, should have a feat and 8 skill points worth of skills. Not much use as master's helper if it's assisting untrained, am I right?

    Second, for the suggestion: I don't actually see too many of these being produced, as Craft Construct requires Craft Wondrous Item and Craft Magical Arms and Armor, which have a CL requirement of 3 and 5, respectively. The earliest you'll see a character doing this would be at 6th level, which would would be a Wizard 6 filling his 3rd, 6th and bonus 5th level feat slots with them. Given your mini golems have CLs of 1 or 2 and if you want to see such low level characters making 'em, you'd need a 1st level feat, a Craft Construct Lite, as it were. Hell, I'll make it here.

    Fledgling Artificer
    You have begun your magical crafting early, tinkering and creating miniature creations as you continue your studies towards making grander constructs.
    Prerequisites: Spellcasting ability (Int or Cha) 15, arcane caster level 1st.
    Benefits: You can create minor constructs, though not as efficiently as more learned magical artisans. During the construction process, you must make a caster level check (DC 6 + [the construct's CL x 2]) every day. If you fail the check, you lose a day of work. If you fail by 5 or more, your plans are inherently flawed and you have to begin again from scratch. You're limited to making constructs of CL 5 or your current caster level, whichever is lower. The construction process is otherwise as noted in Craft Construct.
    Should you later gain Craft Construct, your early experience and insight in crafting artisanship grants your creations a +1 hp per hit die and +2 to one stat of your choice.
    Special: You can take this feat only as a 1st level character.

    I based this feat off of the Precocious Apprentice feat from Complete Arcane and the Craft Construct feat from the MM. I hope I wasn't too forward in creating this in your homebrew.

    Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.
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