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    I'm going to start by saying that I really like the idea and what you've started with because I have a lot of constructive criticism.

    - Concurrence should be limited to class level times per day. This way you can only use it once at 1st level, twice at 2nd level..etc. Otherwise a high wisdom character will be a better spellcaster than the wizard at low level. Also, the saving throw DC is way too high. It should be based off the level of the spell rather than 1/2 the class level. You might also want to restrict what spell lists this accesses.

    - Serendipitous Shot should be limited to up to class level to prevent front loading. Right now taking 2 levels in this class is....really really really good.

    - Bonus Feats: Personally, I love bonus feats, and I like bonus feats from a list that's actually useful to the class (as they are in this situation). In this class though, you have a whole lot of them. Especially with the luck rerolls that are provided. Normally a feat is worth just over 2 luck rerolls. This class is throwing out 7 bonus feats and 10 luck rerolls. This alone is coming somewhat close to what a fighter gets!

    - Marksman abilities: Cool and flavorful. I recomend you change the lower level of called shot to not be precision damage and only a 1:1 ratio. This makes the class not such a huge damage powerhouse, while also not being quite so screwed if it runs into undead with DR/anything other than piercing.

    Alright, on to general analysis of the class: There is no reason to be dex based rather than Wis based. You might have been aiming for that, but it was unexpected. The consequence is that these guys will be better offensive casters than full casters! With a +8 Wisdom bonus, once you hit level 17 you'll be getting 32 spells that have a saving throw DC equivalent to a 9th level spell! Getting your wisdom modifier to AC is too good. There is no cap to how much it will apply like with a max dex bonus on armor and unlike a swordsage that benefits from having a better dex than wis score, this class is essentially wisdom dependent. With Wisdom to attack rolls, this class will also have a better attack bonus than anybody else. It's WAY overpowered as is, and I haven't even gotten to the uncanny dodge and elusion stuff, I mean WHOAH.

    Long story short, I love the flexibility of the spellcasting. I love a ranged-power-attack-esque ability, but this thing is equivalent to 2 normal characters right now.

    Edit: I'm also concerned about metamagic on those spell-like abilites, but I'll address that when I've looked at them more closely.

    Double Edit: I was also thinking of a marksman ability that first lets you reduce the penalty of some wind conditions and treat your arrows as thrown weapons in regards to a wind wall. The second level would let you ignore wind conditions and the wind wall spell.

    It would also be neat if there was some sort of an ability that was triggered at night. The whole star thing.
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