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    Default Re: The "Badass" Universal Substitution Level

    Extreme Badass -
    When rolling a natural 1, one can use the CMA point earned to make the roll be considered a Natural 20.

    Bring It On
    Expend a CMA point to give yourself an aura of fear. Any opponent with fewer HD than you who gets within 30' of you must make a Will save DC 10+Character Level + Badass Levels + Charisma Mod or become Panicked. The duration of the aura is equal to the number of Badass sub-levels plus the character's Charisma mod. This is an (Ex) ability.

    "You want some of THIS? Then COME AND GET IT!!!"

    Eloquent Description
    You spend a CMA point and a move action to describe, in loving detail, just what you are about to do to your target. If the target has fewer HD than you, he becomes Frightened, no save. If he has fewer HD than you have Badass levels, he becomes Panicked, no save. If he has more HD than you, he gets a Will save (10 + Character Levle + Badass levels + Charisma Mod) or become Shaken. The GM may also give additional bonuses or penalties to this ability depending on how well the description was delivered by the player.

    "I've heard that you can actually survive being eviscerated long enough to be hung by your entrails. Let's see if it's true..."

    World of Cardboard
    This can only be activated against an opponent who has more HD than you, and has just shrugged off everything the party has been able to throw at them, and has reduced you to at least half your hit points. You realize you have finally found a worthy opponent, and no longer feel the need to pull your punches anymore. You spend a CMA point, and all rolls you make this round are automatically maximized. All attack rolls are treated as natural 20's and confirmed critical hits (if your opponent is able to be affected by critical hits). If your opponent is defeated while this ability is active, you regain the expended point.

    "You know what my problem is? I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care to not brake something, break someone, never allowing myself to loose self control or else someone could die... but you can take it, can'tcha, big man..."
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