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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Tratos the Wanderer

    Gender: Male

    Race: Minotaur Demi-God

    Age: ???

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Class (or approximation): Ranger//Cleric/Bard Ascended God of ADVENTURETM!!!

    Power Level: 7

    Description: Though a mere runtling by minotaur standards, Tratos is taller than any human by half, and almost three times as broad across the chest. His fur is clean and finely groomed, his hair plaited into innumerable braids, and his horns and hooves hard and polished. He typically wears furs, stitched together by him, with a whole wolf-skin as a cape.

    The former champion of Pytheas, Tratos retains some of his powers, despite the death of his god. He is a skilled ranger, having survived in the Weald for more than three years with naught but his hands and what he could cobble together from the environment.
    Now however, he is a god in his own right, though a lesser one, and has certain godly powers, though some do not come to him until he claims his realm.

    A guitar called Bessie. An epic guitar. Of epicness. It's like, all awesome and epic, and has an axe blade sticking out of it.

    Born a runt. Trained as a ranger. Became a cleric of Pytheas. Trained as a bard. Went into the Weald to prove himself to the other, bigger minotaurs. Survived 3 years. Other minotaurs thought he was dead. Met Pytheas in the Weald. Pytheas made Tratos his champion. Tratos returned to Labyrinthos triumphant. There was much rejoicing and in your faces. Returned to the Weald. Did some stuff. Pytheas was killed by Khiansa Bladesong. Went to wreak revenge. Bastard GLoGers imprisoned him. Escaped by help of Phoenix. Seeks to re-obtain Pytheas' lyre, and attain Godhood in his place. Or at least, he will seek to. Idea hasn't crossed his mind yet. Of course, thanks to godness stuff, this is no longer necessary, and Tratos has undergone a transformation, though he doesn't quite understand the full ramifications of it yet.

    Miscellaneous: Nothing.
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