First I would like to say, excellent discipline.. now I have one concern.

Why are you requiring an adapt to possess a feat to gain access to a discipline? Yes the discipline has a good number of maneuvers that have to be chosen by a Swordsage, Crusader or Warblade that fits within the Swordsage's maximum of 25 known, Crusader's 14 and a Warblade's 13 as well as compete against the myriad of other disciplines both from the ToB as well as from Homebrewed sources. But my concern is that by requiring them to have one feat to gain access to an excellent discipline may very well push them towards other disciplines like the ToB's Tiger Claw or the homebrewed Black Lotus or others that do not have this restriction thus freeing up a feat for usage and becoming all the more appealing.

I do like the idea of having to use a feat to gain access to the 9th tier stance, first one I have seen, Congrats.

I plan on playing a Swordsage that uses this discipline very soon in fact and just wanted to voice my concern on the one fact.