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Uhh... I mean how do I turn off the blocking thing....
Advise is a lot easier to give if we know what your advising you with. What "blocking thing" are you using?

As an example, which may work for your program, I'll tell you how to unblock specific blocked images with AdBlock Plus. Click the drop down arrow next to the logo, then click Preferences. Under "My AdBlocking Rules" you should see "http://www.kinogo.com/victor/*" or similar. Uncheck the "Enabled" box, then click "Apply". Then when you re-block the image, make sure you tell it to block the image's address only, including filetype.

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I didn't say he did drugs. I was just saying MM is making a movie, but, doing my reading on the Wiki, it looks like he was pretty weird. I think it was his imagination and nightmares.
What about him and the Jack the Ripper stuff?
I think it's a sack of crap, personally.
I wasn't addressing you specifically, there was a lengthy discussion on the subject of drugs and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at an earlier point.
To my knowledge, Charles Dodgson never spent time in an abandoned castle, plagued by visions of a girl he knew and wrote stories for. He also wasn't Jack the Ripper, there are many huge flaws in that claim. For one, he has concrete alibis for three of Jack's murders.