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I would like to say that, while I don't really care that Mad Mask is appearing nude, I am a little annoyed because I WAS LITERALLY JUST ABOUT TO DO THE EXACT SAME FREAKIN' THING!

Now I'll look like a copy-cat.
Since when has that ever stopped you? Were you going to nudify Q, or the Milkman?

Besides, I was considering swapping my avatar out for a pixel-blurred Dekopin, to contrast with MM's male avatar, and see what reactions I get.

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It was a joke, because he also seemed pantsless due to an artistic error. A joke. How would a figure containing of a block a circle and some lines be able to really crack anyones mind?
I understood that there was a certain degree of hyperbole, but had assumed that the reaction behind it was similar to that expressed. My apologies for misinterpreting it.