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Well, feel free to ignore the feat requirement if you don't like it. It was suggested by some of the individuals in the thread. Could people give more input on whether or not they feel a feat or some other special requirement should be necessary?
Honestly, the discipline choices are flavor more than anything else. The warblade is the tough, skilled fighter-replacement, the crusader is the divine-inspired, defensive paladin-replacement, and the swordsage is the mystical, mysterious monk-replacement...so the warblade is the only one with tough, skilled Iron Heart, the crusader is the only one with the divine-inspired, defensive Devoted Spirit, and the swordsage is the only one with the mystical, mysterious Desert Wind, Setting Sun, and Shadow Hand.

The real measure of balance here is the number of disciplines they have access to--you can always pick up maneuvers from an out-of-class discipline with feats and PrCs, and the existing synergies don't really apply to new disciplines. If you swap out an existing discipline for this one, you definitely don't need a feat. If you just give it out to anyone, you probably don't need a feat; all three initiators get it, so like Stone Dragon it's not anyone's schtick and so doesn't really need to be protected.

I'd say let anyone access it without a feat, personally, but it's your call.