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    Update 14

    Peter Raven

    Turned up at the Citadel badly wounded, after being missing for some time. Still does not know about Melody's resurrection.

    Chelonie Amakirr (Happy)

    Was talked back from apathy and death by a mummy guy in her dreamscape, and when she awoke, found that Melody was alive and Fan escaped from torpor. She doesn't know the details of either.


    Seems to have re-learned language facility, but still has no memories of her life before she was hit with the anti-sapience drug. Social interactions still escape her, but her engineering and robotics skills are incredible. She met Alek, who gave her a mental command to believe that the next woman she meets wants to steal her skin and eat her innards, but she hasn't seen a woman since that has occurred.


    Had a secret conversation with Magtok while Calublufiok was warping her grandson and making it so that she'd never have a relationship with him again.


    Is searching Magtok Land for someone.


    Tried to assure Butler that Decker (Lady Dekaros) is perfectly fine and safe.
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