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    Crimmy's General dumpster of old crappy and new and improved avatars!

    As a new feature, all my avatars are "Free for all". Which means people may use any whenever they feel like it, neverminding if they are in use or not.

    All I ask is for people to use their own image hosting service, otherwise my Photobucket will fall because of Bandwith overuse.

    A baby reaper|A demon wizard|A mime
    Zexion|Drow Wizard|Warmage
    Hellboy|The Phantom of the Opera|A sniper
    A normal girl|Drow Light Eater|Spidey
    Doctor Octopus|Mokona Modoki|Black Mokona
    Warlock skater|Orc Samurai|Aztec soldier
    Agent 74|Dark Knight|A drow fighter
    Belkar as the Minotaur|A normal guy|Golbinoid Fighter
    Venom|Zeus, God of Thunder|Scarecrow Fighter
    Lizardfolk archer|Dwarf dragonslayer|Angelic dude
    Street Fighter-esque|Firebrand|Plague Doctor

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