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    Default Re: GITP Monster Competition XXXVI: A Thing of Beauty


    Dimunitive Fey
    Hit Dice: 2d6 + 6 (13 hp)
    Initiative: -5
    Speed: 0' (0 squares)
    Armor Class: 15 (+4 size, -5 dexterity, +6 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 20
    Base Attack/Grapple: NA
    Attack: NA
    Full Attack: NA
    Space/Reach: 3 in/0 ft
    Special Attacks: Gleam, Oooh Shiny, It's So Shiny, Sparkly, Feed, My Precious, Host, Glare, Reset
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, Hardness 15, Shininess, Doohickey, Visibility
    Saves: Fort +3, Ref -2, Will +8
    Abilities: Str NA, Dex 1, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 22
    Skills: Bluff 13, Disguise 13, Perform (Act) 10, Perform (Comedy) 7, Perform (Dance) 10, Perform (Keyboard instruments) 8, Perform (Oratory) 7, Perform (Percussion instruments) 8, Perform (String instruments) 8, Perform (Wind instruments) 8, Perform (Sing) 8, Spot 8
    Feats:Persuasive, Force Of Personality (B)
    Environment: Any
    Organization: Solitary or with Host
    Challenge Rating: 8
    Treasure: none
    Alignment: Any
    Advancement: HD and Charisma
    Level Adjustment: NA

    Shinys are a somewhat rare kind of fey that appear to be random small irresistibly shiny metal objects. They are often so shiny that other creatures cant resist trying to take them, rarely realizing that it is in fact a creature and not just some random item. They are even so shiny that after obtaining them, creatures often take the shiny everywhere with them. This is a good thing for the shiny, as it requires close proximity to other creatures to feed. It should also be noted that while the listed speed is 0, the shiny actually has a move speed of 1 inch.

    Shinys don't actually fight themselves, however, they have two general strategies they will follow in an encounter depending on the situation.
    If a shiny lacks a host, it will often use its gleam ability to attract other creatures attention. It will then once seen use its My Precious ability to make the creature take it and carry it around. After some time has passed it will begin feeding on the creature. Most will normally only feed once per day, unless it is getting weak. Some however (generally evil ones) will wait till they're in an area with many possible creatures to take it, then feed as much as possible on the creature that has them until it dies after which they find a new one.
    If a shiny has a host, then it will use glare against enemies attacking its host. It will only use these abilities sparingly though as they use up the energy it needs to survive.

    Shininess (Ex): A shiny has a number of shininess points that represent its energy. If a shiny ever runs out of shininess points it will die. Every day it looses one shininess point. Shininess points are also used up with many of its abilities. A shiny without a host will usually have around 5 + 2d10 (16) shininess points. If a shiny has 20 shininess points it gains 1HD and +1 Charisma. It gains additional HD and Charisma (+1 to each) every time it gains its current HD x 10 more shininess points than it took to gain its last HD. If its shininess points ever become lower than the amount required for how many HD it has, it looses the excess HD and the bonus to Charisma that comes with them (as well as any other benefits of increased HD).
    Note: effects of changed amounts of shininess points do not occur until the next day.

    Doohickey (Ex): Due to its size and shape, a shiny always counts as hiding if it lacks a host. Its hide check has a base of 15. A shiny can be found with either a search or a spot check. A shiny also has a +10 bonus to all disguise attempts as an item. A shiny does not detect as being magical, nor does true seeing or any similar spells reveal its nature (due to it actually looking as it does).

    Visibility (Ex): Most of a shiny's special attacks require the targets to be looking at it. As such all of a shiny's special attacks except Gleam, Feed, Host, and Reset can be avoided by creatures in the following manners. A creature can avert its eyes from the shiny, tracking it out of the corner of its vision (looking at reflections or images of the shiny does not protect against its abilities). A shiny's special attacks have a 50% chance of not having to make a saving throw. The shiny gains a 50% miss chance relative to the creature. A creature can shut its eyes, turn his back on the shiny, or wear a blindfold. In these cases, the creature does not need to make a saving throw. The shiny gains total concealment and a 90% miss chance (replacing the 50% from the total concealment) relative to the creature. If the shiny is invisible or otherwise can't be seen by the creature, or if the creature has not yet detected the shiny, the creature does not need to make a saving throw.

    Gleam (Ex): If there is light, a shiny can use a move action to gleam. If a shiny gleams, it causes all creatures in that can see its location to make a spot or search check (whichever is higher), to see it with a bonus equal to the shiny's charisma modifier (creatures that are already aware of the shiny automatically succeed). If a creature succeeds with the check, it may make a will save (DC 15 + Charisma modifier) to avoid looking at the shiny (this causes a creature that was averting its gaze from the shiny to stop doing so).

    Oooh Shiny (Ex): If there is light, a shiny can use a standard action to show that it is shiny. All creatures that can see the shiny must make a will save (DC 15 + Charisma modifier) or become fascinated for a number of rounds equal to what they failed the save by (minimum ⅓ charisma modifier rounded down).

    It's So Shiny (Ex): A shiny can spend one shininess point to make all creatures that see realize just how shiny it is. Using this ability is a standard action. When used, all creatures that see the shiny must make a will save (DC 15 + Charisma modifier) or attempt to obtain the shiny. For each day a creature has possessed the shiny in the past the DC is increased by 2 (number of days is rounded down to a minimum of 1 if they gained possession of it. If they lost and gained possession of it multiple times in the same day they each count as a separate time of gaining it and as such count as at least one day each). If another creature gets the shiny first (or already has it), the creatures gain a bonus equal to the intimidate score of the creature that has the shiny as well as the difference in their HD and its HD (may also gain moral bonuses depending on how against stealing they are).

    Sparkly (Ex): If there is light, a shiny can spend 1 shininess point to make itself sparkly. This is a standard action. When used the shiny is treated as being under the effects of Eagle’s Splendor. The duration is equal to the shiny's charisma modifier (before use). This ability may not be used while it is still active.

    My Precious (Ex): If a creature obtains a shiny and keeps it in its possession for more than a day, it will truly come to realize just how shiny the shiny is. It will find the shiny so shiny that it must make a will save (DC 20 + twice shiny's charisma modifier), to leave it anywhere. The creature will wish to admire the shiny's shininess and as such will require a will save (DC 15 + shiny's charisma modifier) to put the shiny somewhere where it isn't visible. If it looses the shiny, it must make a will save (DC 25 + twice shiny's charisma modifier) upon realizing it is lost to avoid looking for it. A will save (DC 30 + twice shiny's charisma modifier) is required to part with the shiny.

    Host (Ex): If a creature obtains a shiny, the shiny may choose to make that creature its host. Doing so causes the following benefits for the host. If the shiny is visible to a creature the host is interacting with using a charisma based skill, the host gains a bonus to that skill check equal to half the shiny's charisma modifier. If the host uses the perform skill, they also add the shiny's ranks in the appropriate perform skill to their own provided the shiny is visible (to find shiny's perform ranks subtract 6 from the listed amount under skills). The host is not informed of the benefits they receive from this. The shiny cannot otherwise use its ranks in any perform skills. If the shiny has a host, it may choose to take its turn during the host's turn instead of its own each round (after rolling initiative).

    Feed (Ex): A shiny must feed on the energy of other creatures to survive. To do so it must be in close proximity to a creature (touching the creature or its clothing). A shiny may feed a number of times per day equal to its HD. Every time the shiny feeds, the creature takes one point of Constitution damage and the shiny gains a number of shininess points equal to half the creatures HD (minnimum 1). The constitution damage heals at a rate of 1 point per day though it may also be magically healed.

    Glare (Ex): A shiny may use its shininess to protect its host (a host isn't required to use these). There are three ways it may do so. All are a standard action and require light and that they be displayed where they can be seen. Every time glare is used, creatures that can see the shiny other than those being effected by the glare make a spot check opposed to twice the shiny's bluff check (rolled once each use) to notice the odd way it seems to be catching the light. Creatures gain a cumulative +1 bonus to their spot check every time this ability is used after the first, lasting until the end of the encounter.
    • A shiny may be shiny such that it is distracting to the enemies and gives the host a 10% chance that any on it attack will miss. The shiny gains concealment. This lasts until the shiny's next turn. This uses 2 shininess points.
    • A shiny may sparkle brightly dazzling foes. Creatures within 10 ft of the shiny that can see it must make a reflex save (DC 15 + shiny's charisma modifier) or be dazed and unable to take any actions their next turn. Creatures with higher HD than the shiny's charisma modifier are immune. This uses 5 shininess points.
    • A shiny may reflect light into the eyes of a single enemy. This enemy must make a reflex save (DC 15 + shiny's charisma modifier) to look away, or be blinded during they're next turn. If they succeed on the save the shiny and its host are treated as having total concealment. Either way the light shining on the enemy gives all creatures a +1 to attacks against that enemy until the shiny's next turn. This uses 3 shininess points.

    Reset (Su): If no one is able to see it, a shiny may use a full round action costing 10 shininess points to teleport as per the Dimension Door spell at a caster level equal to twice its charisma modifier. It can only teleport itself and cannot teleport to where someone is currently looking. When it does so a shiny may also choose to alter its appearance to look like some other kind of shiny object. Doing so has no effect on its stats. It may only use this ability once a day.



    The following can be learned with a Knowledge (Nature) check.


    15|There are said to be a type of fey that look and act like shiny objects.

    20|They will get peoples attention so that they will take them (reveals Sparkly, Gleam, and It's So Shiny abilities).

    25|They drain the life energy from those who carry them while making the person refuse to get rid of them (reveals Feed and My Precious abilities).

    30|They will also help those who cary them survive and improve their interaction with others (reveals Glare and Host abilities)[/TABLE]

    Plot Hook/Story

    • There's something shiny on the ground over there.
    • Someone has recently started getting inexplicably weaker each day. Some worry that they will soon die if nothing is done. It started around the time they started carrying that shiny object everywhere.
    • Someone has recently become much more influential and no one can figure out why. They have also taken to bringing a shiny object with them everywhere they go.
    • Someone seems remarkably lucky in combat. The light always seems to shine off them just right to bother their opponents and give them an edge.
    • Recently a lot of people have been fighting over a seemingly useless object. Well, it is rather shiny.
      [Recently a lot of people have been fighting over various seemingly useless shiny objects that have been showing up everywhere. Strangely people also seem to be suffering from poor health. Often those who managed to get the last shiny object. And stranger still is the object is always lost soon after someone gets it.

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