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Thread: new 3.5 base race (PEACH)

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    Default new 3.5 base race (PEACH)

    Tell me what you think:

    the En-zula are a human subrace who, due to a necromantic ritual, draw life from negative energy

    Physical descripion: En-zula appear mostly human, though pale and wiry.
    Their hair is blood red, bright green, electric blue, or a similarly vibrant colour. The "whites" of their eyes are pitch black and their pupils are pure white, with a purple or yellow iris. They often tattoo paterns onto their skin

    Personality: En-zula beleive others see them as abominations and are thus highly suspicious of others. they are very determined- once they set their sights on a goal, they will stop at nothing to acomplish it, even if it takes years

    En-zula traits
    *Humanoid(human subtype)
    *Medium size
    *Void soul: En-zula are healed by negative energy and damaged by positive energy
    *Drain resistance: anyone targeting an En-zula with an energy drain effect must make a caster level(or hit dice) check DC11+the En-zula's character level to succeed. An En-zula automatical succeeds their fortitude save to remove a negative level after 24 hours
    *+2 racial bonus on intimidate checks: En-zula are naturaly unsettling
    *Darkened spirit: En-zula gain a +2 bonus on charisma based checks made against undead and an En-zula who becomes undead gains +2 turn resistance
    *Favoured class: cleric. En-zula clerics usually draw power from the negative energy plane itself(destruction, death and evil domains)
    level adjustment:+0
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