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    Update 15

    Charity Evans:

    Came to Acro looking for her sister, Aurora Lapham, who disappeared shortly after taking an internship at MagTech Industries. Or whatever front Magtok was using at the time. Magtok told her that her sister was at GLoG recovering from having had her sapience removed. Magtok promised to try to find a cure or pay compensation. While she waits, she has been regularly shocked at all the violent and paranormal things going on. She is also surprised to see her sister interacting comfortably with people.

    Sunny (Aurora Lapham):

    Has no memory of her sister, but thanks to a psychic manipulation by Alek, thought that Charity wanted to kill her, eat her guts, and wear her skin. Has finally warily accepted Charity's presence, but refuses to leave GLoG with her. She has one or more robots with her all the time, and seems to be very happy.

    Chelonie / Happy:

    Is going by the name Happy again, but thanks to deadtimes, hardly ever gets to interact with her daughter.

    Peter Raven:

    Found out that Melody was back at GLoG. He's returned in the form of a snow leopard to watch over her, but hasn't yet revealed himself. Probably the same deadtime problem as above.


    Was awoken in hell by a kiss from her true love.
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