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    ((Hopefully this won't step on grounds for disqualification, I went from wanting to make a sea maiden type to basing it off of artwork. Oh well, here goes:))


    Large Aberration (Aquatic)
    Hit Dice: 26d8+208 (325 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), climb 20 ft., swim 60 ft.
    Armor Class: 33 (-1 Size, +2 Dex, +12 Natural, +10 Deflection), touch 21, flat-footed 31
    Base Attack/Grapple: +19/+27
    Attack: Tentacle flurry +22 melee (1d4+4*/x2) or ink jet +20 touch (blindness)
    Full Attack: 2 Tentacle flurries +23 melee (1d4+4*/x2) and tail slap +21 melee (1d6+2/x2) and bite +21 melee (1d4+2/x2)
    Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft. (15 ft. tentacles)
    Special Attacks: Amnesiac song, constrict 1d4+4, improved grab, ink jet, tentacle flurry, torrential spray
    Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft., charming grace, grasping tentacles, undying love, spell-like abilities
    Saves: Fort +24, Ref +19, Will +35
    Abilities: Str 18, Dex 14, Con 25, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 31
    Skills: Bluff+24, Concentration+29, Diplomacy+28, Hide+22, Listen+28, Move Silently+26, Perform(sing)+22, Spot+28
    Feats: Ability Focus(Amnesiac Song), Ability Focus(Dominate Monster), Ability Focus(Mind Fog), Ability Focus(Torrential Spray), Alertness, Improved Toughness, Multiattack, Quicken Spell-like Ability (Mind Fog), Stealthy
    Environment: Underground
    Organization: Solitary, pair, or nest (1-3 plus 5+ commoners)
    Challenge Rating: 22
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Always Evil
    Advancement: 27-52 HD (Large)
    Level Adjustment: -

    A swirling mass of tentacles perched on a long, serpentlike tail with rocklike spines approaches, an unearthly singing voice coming from the center of the mass... Despite the horror of such a beast, one cannot help but be drawn to the beautiful maiden at the center of it, in ornate dress. As she approaches with her song, your memory begins to get fuzzy... up until she smiles at you with her jagged, monstrous teeth.

    Lusca are monsters of the sea that were once beautiful maidens cursed by sea goddesses and other extremely jealous and powerful entities. The end of each of their arms are turned into a mass of 8 tentacles, as well as strands of their hair. Their legs are replaced by a serpentlike tail that they slither through water, and over land with.
    Lusca's minds have been twisted, and all they want now is to bring others along with them to suffer, by making them forget who they were, removing their equipment with pulses of water to make combat more difficult, and charming them with their still quite amazing singing voices.


    In combat, Lusca first and foremost attempt to subdue and debilitate opponents, by using their Mind Fog spell-like ability first, then their amnesiac song, torrential spray, and other spell-like abilities, along with grappling with their tentacles. They hate foes that struggle, so before they attempt to carry a foe off to their respective lairs they will first attempt to completely incapacitate them, be it through lack of conciousness or mind control.

    Amnesiac Song (Su)
    As a standard action, a Lusca can begin singing a song that fuddles an opponents memories, making them unable to remember certain things, most importantly at the time their combat abilities, and other such learned skills. Every creature within 60 feet of the Lusca that can hear it must succeed at a Will save (DC35), or suffer the following penalties:

    • Unable to use their highest class special abilities, or if they don't have any class levels, any of up to 1d4 special abilities they might have.
    • Unable to cast 1d4 of their highest spells or spell-like abilities.
    • They take a cumulative -1 penalty on any trained skills.
    • They take a cumulative -2 penalty on Wis, Knowledge, or Bardic Knowledge checks to remember any piece of information.

    These penalties last for 1d4+1 minutes. If the Lusca sings on following rounds and creatures who had failed their saves previously are in the radius, they take a -1 cumulative penalty to a successive save, and if they fail again they suffer the above effects, and the remaining duration of their Amnesia is increased by another 1d4+1 minutes.

    A creature can have its memories and mind completely erased by the Lusca over the course of an hour per HD of the creature, with no interruptions. After the "ritual" is complete, they are completely loyal to the Lusca that reformed their minds, and become subject to their Undying Love special quality.
    This is a mind-affecting ability. The save DC is Charisma-based.

    Constrict (Ex)
    A Lusca deals automatic tentacle damage (as normal for tentacle flurry, below) with a successful grapple check.

    Improved Grab (Ex)
    To use this ability, the Lusca must hit with a tentacle flurry attack. It can then attempt to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the grapple check, it establishes a hold and can constrict.

    Ink Jet
    Lusca can fire pulses of ink at opponents like an octopus underwater, or, on land, fire it as a touch attack that blind opponents until they spend a full-round action to rub it off, or it naturally runs off after 1 minute.

    Tentacle Flurry (Ex)
    A Lusca's forearms have been transformed into a series of 8 tentacles that they use to attack. As displayed in the stat block, a Lusca makes a single Tentacle attack roll, and if that roll is successful, it makes 1d8 attacks, each dealing 1d4+4 damage. Dealing a critical hit doubles the die/modifier used for each damage roll.

    Torrential Spray (Su)
    A Lusca can spray water from the "wells" situated on top of its head, as well as use fine manipulation of it to remove equipment and clothing from a foe, to make it less of a threat. As a standard action, a Lusca can force any creature wearing/carrying equipment within 30 feet to succeed at a Reflex save (DC24) or have a single object of its choice removed, and deposited 2d4x5 feet away. Armor recieves a +4 bonus to the save, as it's harder to remove.

    Amphibious (Ex)
    Lusca can breathe both air and water.

    Charming Grace (Su)
    A Lusca recieves its Charisma modifier as a Deflection bonus to AC, and as a bonus to its saves.

    Grasping Tentacles (Ex)
    Lusca can subdue multiple opponents with her tentacles, depending on their size, without the normal penalty.
    They can grapple up to 2 large, 4 medium, 8 small, or 16 tiny creatures at one time and not be considered grappled. Smaller creatures are too hard (-10 check) to grasp in their tentacles, with their lack of fine manipulation.

    Undying Love (Su)
    Creatures under 20 HD affected by a Lusca's dominate spell-like ability or complete amnesia when they die, either from natural causes or otherwise, rise after 1 minute as a skeleton with equal hit dice. This acts somewhat like a Oath of Blood (Heroes of Horror) spell, with the Geas lasting as long as either the Dominate Monster spell would have held, or until the Lusca dies, with the Geas being to serve the Lusca to the best of their ability. Lusca can control (Hit dice x 5) HD worth of skeletons at one time.

    Spell-like abilities
    At will- charm monster, mass (DC 28), dominate monster (DC 31), mind fog (DC 27). Caster level 26th. The save DCs are Charisma-based.



    The following can be learned with a Knowledge(dungeoneering) check.


    15|This is a Lusca, a once beautiful maiden transformed by a curse into a horrible monster.

    20|Lusca's singing is known to fuddle people's memories (reveals Amnesiac Song ability).

    25|Lusca can fire either ink or water out of the "wells" on either side of their heads (reveals Ink Jet and Torrential spray abilities).

    30|Creatures controlled by a Lusca's spells or memory erasure may rise to become skeletons after they die (reveals Undying Love ability).[/TABLE]

    Plot Hook
    • A shoreside village's men have started disappearing while fishing. Some believe it to be the works of Sahuagin, some think it to be something much fouler. With some investigation, this seems to have begun after the mayor/chief's most prized and beautiful daughter went missing...
    • A tavern drunk had seen a horrible monster in the form of a maiden just off a shore nearby. ...The problem is, he can't seem to remember much of anything else.
    • A port town is having trouble with something attacking merchant ships, stealing goods and crew members and disappearing into the sea. They have begun taking guards on board, but they have reported merely having their armor and weapons blown away from them by jets of water.
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