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    Default The Lost World of Tareea - Campaign Setting

    A long time ago, there was a child, great and powerful; there was a void, vast and endless. And the child was lonely, for there was nothing but him. He wept pitifully, slave to a reality without purpose, nor beginning or end. From his tears were born the stars, hot and glistening. And the child ceased to weep as he saw these crystals hang in the vast sky about him, instead fascinated by them.

    He touched one with a curious appendage, and it burned with all of his rage and sorrow, stripping the flesh and churning it to ash. The child drew back sharply, and ash littered the void, becoming dirt and rock. As he bellowed in pain, his breath fell upon this debris; and from these rocks, things seemed to move, things like, yet unlike his flesh. And the child wondered.

    «They are like us, LORD,» the stars sang out around the child.

    «Who are you?» The child called back, water spilling forth from his eyes once more. Tears born of tender joy, cool and gentle, which seeped unto the ash. «Wherefore do you call me LORD

    «We are without name, oh LORD. They and we are both born of you.»

    «Then you are DARENDA, for you have spoken first, and know much,» he cried back. «Would you guide me? I am no lord; I am but a child of nothing. I am TAREEA

    «You are no child; your whiskers have grown long, your flesh scarred. But you are as you are, TAREEA.» A shadowed and grey figure of crystal and void took her place beside the great creature; it was true. His horns had worn with age, his feathers had become soft, his tail ragged. «And that is a god.»

    «Then you are all gods with me.»


    The beginning of the legend is echoed the same on many worlds across the starry seas. But every tale is different from that point on. Was Tareea a Jabberwock, or were he perhaps a Talz? Was Nevée born of her father's rape, or was Diphonesi the result? Whatever the variation, the stories all converge on one point... That one day, Tareea looked upon all that he had made, and saw that it was good. With a smile he turned to Darenda and disappeared as the mist, leaving the starry seas to his progeny. They say that the gods themselves are fortunate should they hear a whisper of his voice.

    But only on one world is it known that the legend does not end there. That Tareea, looking upon all that he had made, desired to live among those he had made. That, stripped of his infinite trappings and power, he came to live among the mortal, in a place that even Darenda could not see for her thousand eyes.


    This world lived in peace; as creatures brought themselves up from the dirt, TAREEA would walk among them, and anoint the first of them with his tears as he had so many others.

    First among the Avians, who soared from the ash on great wings of feather and skin! They are Alarus, led by Cantroth.
    Second among the Beasts, who rose from beneath the charcoal to become a mighty and powerful race! They are Nole, led by Niobe.
    Third among the Fish, who escaped the darkness into deep blue, where they rule in wisdom! They are Dius, led by Wessel.
    Fourth among the Trees, who broke the igneous and shot towards the bright sky! They are Turlis, led by Elena and Jyko.
    Fifth among the Crystals, who drew the ash unto themselves and hardened, perfected it! They are Vhig, led by Prime.
    Sixth among the Primates, who cast off the dirt as a cloak, and declared it to be their own! They are Eunod, led by Hyoth.
    Seventh among the Scaled, who smoldered from the faintest sparks that remained! They are Rewko, led by Meonoas.

    To each of these eight over the seven, TAREEA granted a portion of his power, to be masters over each of their people. To rule fairly but loosely. To let their people grow, as he had let the first grow. And then he turned to the only of his greater children to see him alight upon the world. The burning tear that gave light, the great lump of ash that formed the world, the crystal waters that showed his joy.

    He named them each. Anka, the radiant godbird who watches over all. Shalbon, the ashen tortoise who supports us all. Ilsowa, the great whale from which we all harvest food. To these he gave the last of his mighty power; and then he disappeared from even their eyes.

    But one day, a great shadow fell across the land. The shadow of one who hungered. In the void, there had been another, though separated by great distance and infinite blackness. Had it cried; had it been less stoic; had these things happened, the starry seas would have belonged to it. But TAREEA had cried. TAREEA had taken the shadow's birthright. For a thousand eons, he had plundered land after land, seeking vengeance. Seeking the LOST WORLD OF TAREEA.

    And now he has found it.


    Working on racial write-ups. These aren't up to my current mechanical standards, so give me some time. I wrote this junk when I was in high school.
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