There is a tense silence as the two groups of adventurers square off ...

The half-orc rattles his flail restlessly while a gaudily-dressed ranger stands ready by his side. A human fighter stands beside them, his longbow drawn back and ready to fire. Small flames flicker at his arrow's tip.

Behind them, a heavily armored human carries an unconscious robed girl in his arms, flanked by an elf and a gnome. The elf wields a rapier and main-gauche; the gnome holds her crossbow locked and loaded, ready to fire. In the very back is a small halfling holding a glowing spear that illuminates the area.

A quartet of dancing lights swarms distractingly in front of this formidable party.

Thirty feet away a lizardman blocks the center of the passage with bared teeth and sharp claws. The replilian humanoid hisses threateningly as he stands protectively in front of a battered and bloody dwarf, who struggles to his feet and readies a massive sword that seems to be coated with some kind of black ichor.

Behind them stands an exceptionally tall and fair woman with long, straight white hair. Her regal appearance is marred only by stringy webbing that dangles from her robes and arms. A pair of elf twins stands nearby, literal mirror images of each other.

Almost unnoticed at first is a small gnome rogue wielding a scaled-down shortsword. Scarlet blood drips down his arm from a nearly foot long laceration.

Though battered and bloody, this group of adventurers is clearly experienced and battle-hardened and not to be trifled with.

Seconds tick away as each side waits for the other to make the first move ...

OOC: Previously Sarloc's Heir and Into the East. The OOC thread is here. Game on!