Female gnomish rogue, East group

The crossbow-wielding gnome's eyes widen as she takes in the scene before her, but the crossbow doesn't waver. Her gray studded leather armor and cloak are decidedly dirty and travel-stained; her long blonde braid is looking rather dull and her brown-skinned, sharp-featured face is smudged with grime. Evidently this group has been traveling for quite some time. Fatigue is evident in her movements, but she looks around the tunnel alertly.

After Darius speaks, the gnome clears her throat. "I agree with Darius. I've had quite enough for one day already, and we need another set of enemies like we need a plague of stirges. I'm Lissa Quicksilver... at least, that's what I go by in most places." Lissa's voice is a pleasant soprano, albeit a bit hoarse. "Oh, speaking of enemies, there's a whole lot of angry drow back there-" she jabs a thumb back the way her group came- "and they'll probably be coming this way as soon as they figure out how to get across the chasm. I strongly suggest that we resolve this quickly so we can get out of here!"