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    Default Re: [4e Paragon Path] - Solve all your problems with Fire! (Patent pending)

    The damage on Sun scorch seems too low. Only 1d8, though 10 ongoing damage is very strong as well.

    Contagious Immolation seems very overpowered. It lasts the entire encounter and you can start it as a minor action? No attack roll necessary for 5 ongoing, and it spreads to anyone adjacent to them? Not just that, but anyone that moves next to you gets immolated, so melee fighters are going to get immolated no matter what. They will then probably re-immolate one another until they all burn to death.

    Flaming Crescendo also seems odd. It gets easier to hit them as you go on? And the damage increases the further you go? I would think if you choose to increase damage with each step then you would make the roll harder each time rather than easier.

    10d8 damage max seems a little excessive as well.

    Also I think I see some serious cheese when combining Overchannel with Flaming Crescendo. If you use an action point to cast it then damage gets an extra die. So instead of 10d8 max it would be 14d8 max. Each hit going up 1 die.
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