Halfling, Into the East

The halfling gives a short, grim laugh at Lumpy's statement.
Rather arrogant of him... I don't think we even trust him yet, and he's not helping his cause with them...

Then, not moving from his safe spot towards the middle fo the group, he begins to speak.
"My name's Achkby. I want a fight about as much as the rest of them. And we think that we need to get down this tunnel, to the Glimmersea. And there are a bunch of angry drow and Grimlocks across a huge chasm back there."
He jerks his tumb over his shoulder.
"So I don't advise trying to go that way. I recommend turning back and going back down that tunnel with us. And then we can decide if you're going to come with us or not."
He pauses for a moment, and glances at Aeroz.
"But that's not up to me. All I'm saying is that if you aren't on friedly terms you;d probably be better off turnign back around."
He ends grimly, with a deep sigh, and his spear trembles a bit in his grip. He lowers it, and sets one end on the ground.