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    Update 16

    Peter Raven

    Wounded in Freedom Glades after trying to stop the MechaMag.

    Charity and Sunny

    After finding out that children had been kidnapped from GLoG, tried to help locate them using a MagTech DNA tracker. However, Sunny had a sudden fit of agoraphobia at the door. She hasn't left GLoG since she awoke after the night of anarchy following ApocaCon, and she associates Outside with pain and fear.

    Worried about Sunny, but deciding that the pursuit of the children took priority, Charity left her sister behind and went with Daisuke and Brannon into the Weald. Only to be captured herself, since she's a sorceress. Unknown to herself.

    After nearly succumbing to panic, Charity was helped first by Misaki's attempt at comfort, and then by Stu's harrassment. She's still scared out of her wits, but at least she's in her right mind. Even if she is talking to a flower.

    Jedwiga / Eve

    After Astir died, the Grandmother died. Jedwiga, formerly the Mother Aspect, is now the Grandmother, whose domains are Death and Decay. She is very troubled by this. After fulfilling Reinholdt's last wish by helping Tabitha and Vygor return home, she met Michalson and learned that he was a worshipper of hers.

    Offscreen, Vasilisa has become the Mother Aspect, and an unnamed child is now the Maiden.

    [The Sentient Mainframe]

    Has revealed itself to Darkcomet and Magtok. It told Darkcomet that the Mean Drones were not under its control, and suggested various methods of protecting GLoG members, like implanting tracking devices and not allowing them to use the Rose Garden.


    Is around. But her player can think of nothing for her to do.


    In Hell with Butler. Unaware that Hell has been invaded by Vileheart and a representative of the five horsemen of the apocalypse. Or that Captain Damned Jack Hammer/Pickaxe has escaped, taking with him Dal, an imp hostage.
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