Linda the White, mage.

The white haired, white robed woman in the back of the newcomers stands on her staff wearily and studies the other group. Her eyes scan the tunnel left and right but she can't see many things apart from the other group due to lack of any ability to see in the dark. Shaking her head she attempts a smile when three of the strangers speak. Deeming it polite, she also begins to introduce herself:

It is fortunate to meet anything other than enemies in these caverns if-from what I gathered of your speech-they are indeed part of the Underdark. My friends and I traveled through a portal here after a fight with a powerful demon. Though admitting it pains me, we lost more than one friend there-we would not like to fight again so soon. My name is Linda "Whitestaff" Endareth but you can call me simply by my first name. If you were fighting drow and other creatures of darkness, would I be right in assuming you are a noble group? If that is so, we could possibly join forces for a time-this place must be dangerous and I would like to live to see the light.