As Lumpy approaches, the dwarf raises his sword in warning, point ready. Fresh demon blood, black as tar, drips from its blade.

"I'm in no mood for yer disrespectful tone, half-breed. Ye'll be answerin' our questions an' politely too before we say ye can pass!"

The two elves step forward in an attempt to defuse the tense situation, revealing themselves on closer inspection to be half-elven. They roll their eyes at the dwarf's racial slur, then both bow as one respectfully.

One speaks in a gentle voice, "Greetings and well met, friends. I am Elthan Moonshadow."

"As am I," adds the other.

"We have no wish to fight nor would we hinder your travels, but we are somewhat disoriented and could use your help," says the first.

"First of all, where are we?" asks the second.

"If this is truly the Underdark, is there quick passage to the surface?" asks the first.

"How far are we from Mimleth and the Orsrauns?" asks the second.

Seeing the blank looks they get in return, the first Elthan asks, "Are we even still in the Vilhon Reach?"

The other continues, "And we have seen that girl you are carrying in a vision," indicating Sheyra, "Who is she?"

"Is she alive?" inquires the first, an eyebrow cocked in curiosity.