Achkby, Halfling

After Aeroz speaks, Achkby says quietly, trying to make himself audible only to his friends, "I understand him. Or at least I think that I do." He frowns for a moment, puzzled. "I think that he asked us where 'ssethra' is, though he hisses so much that he can't tell if it is ssethra or just ethra."


This is insane! Why do some people always want to fight? At least one of them is going to die if there is a fight.

Speaking to the elf/ves, Achkby says, "Thank you for keeping your heads."
The he talks directly to the dwarf. "I'd thank you to keep your weapons down, Dwarf. Even if Lumpy is out of line, you have no place starting a fight when none of us want it.
"We brought him, so if he does try anything, we'll take care of him oursleves. If he attacks you, I see no problem with your defending yourself or even killing him, but don't touch him until he does so. And we'll stop him from doing that.
He stares grimly at the dwarf, but then looks at Lumpy instead. "Lumpy, I know you've been down here for a while, but this is not the time to start another fight. Come back here and put down that flail."

He shifts a bit uneasily after challenging the two people in the tunnel with the biggest weapons, but doesn't say anythign more.