Lizardkin Druid

The lizardkin looks slightly baffled as the pinkskins around him exchange greetings and begin to co-operate. the knowledge that a confrontation was no longer imminent relaxed the lizardkin until a tall, smelly pinkskin took steps forward and started being belligerent. The lizardkin drew himself to his full height and stood toe to toe with him, flexing his clawed wrists & hissing dangerously thru clenched teeth. His manner indicating that if the strange pinkskin attempted to push his way thru his party, it''d have to go thru him..first.

I will share my pain with this pinkskin if he tries to be stupid..

As the elthans burst into an attempt to defuse the situation and the stranger goes no further, he attempts to digest the conversation that passes around him.

Even with his increasing grasp of pinkskin-speech, the words while intelligble did not make sense to him. He was further puzzled that the others were not seeking what errand these strangers had with Sethra and why the others weren't eager to retreat back into the mountains and rest so as to relaunch the attack on Sethra.

there isn't much time left.. my people will begin to move soon