Lissa, rogue

Lissa sighs audibly and rolls her eyes as Lumpy and the dwarf butt heads (metaphorically speaking.) She giggles at the other gnome's comment, and replies in the same language. {Fighters, go figure. I mean, 'half-breed'? I can come up with a better insult than that half-asleep!}

Seeing that a fight is (hopefully) not imminent, Lissa snaps down the safety catch on her crossbow and slings it over her shoulder by an attached strap. "I speak Draconic, too," she pipes up. Looking at the lizardfolk, the gnome speaks in the same hissing language. <Well met, warrior. Do you understand the trading-talk of humans?> She looks back up at Darius. "I just told him hello, and asked him if he understands Common. And I second the motion to talk while we walk! Or better yet, run!" Lissa eyes the wounded dwarf. "Hmm, he doesn't look like he can move very fast at the moment. Baravar's black cloak, that must hurt! Oy, Sedryn! Got any cure spells handy? The dwarf here looks like he can use 'em."

OOC: {Gnome} <Draconic>