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Flaming Ace shoulve give a bonus to the at-will you choose fire up.
Like What?

Overchannel's bonus should at the very least specify if it adds dice to any multiattacks, whether they're on a single target or multiple.
Well, it has the exact same wording, oddly enough, of a feature of a paragon path released in Dragon this month, except that feature was for weapon powers. I'll think about it.

Sun Scorch should definately have a significant damage boost. I'm sorry, but despite the save penalties you can stack on, 1d8+static fire damage and ongoing 10 fire doesn't cut anything. Blind can stay though.
I've heard that from others, too, so I'll probably up it to d10 or d12.

I love Contagious Immolation. It's so...fun! Also, Hellocks would love it to pieces, especially with a Fey dualpact.
Glad you like it. I May drop the ongoing damage to 3 though, since as written it could do a lot of damage. However, enemies will also soon figure out that they're on fire and lighting other people on fire and spread themselves out, so its potential damage > its practical damage, I think.

Ah, Flaming Crescendo...A bit of quick math, on a Hellock. At level 22, a Dwarf Hellock/Wizard/Pyromancer/Demigod would have a +9 to Constitution, a +5 Staff of Ruin, with a Siberys Shard of the Fiery Depth, Dual Implement Spellcaster, Staff Fightinig, and Weapon Focus. He'd have... 9 Constitution, 5 Enhancement, 5 Item, 5 Dual Implement Spellcaster, 3 Siberys Shard of the Fiery Depth, and 3 Weapon Focus, for a total of +30 to damage rolls. For fun, we can throw in Rune-Scribed Scroll for another +9 to damage, and +1 to attack rolls. Also, +28 to attack rolls (11 half level, 9 con, 5 enhance, 2 expertise, 1 siberys shard), 29 after Rune-Scribed Soul.

We're looking at a Flaming Crescendo of +29 vs Reflex, 1d8+39 damage. Then +30 vs Reflex, 2d8+39. Then +31 vs Reflex, 3d8+39. Then, +32 vs Reflex, 4d8+39. Assuming all of them hit, an average damage of 201. As a daily at level 22. Also, you should list that Flaming Crescendo deals Fire damage, because currently it doesn't. Also same with Sun Scorch.
It is based off of Blade Cascade, balanced around a Ranger wielding Bastard Swords. Differences:
Blade Cascade has:
Higher Damage Die
One More Attack
Is available 5 levels earlier
Is not restricted by choice of paragon path

Flaming Crescendo has:
Escalating to-hit bonuses
Is a ranged attack
Uses more dice in later attacks

So, also based on the fact that Blade Cascade is considered rather overpowered, I thought I hit the mark pretty well, balance-wise, since its probably about as good as Blade Cascade, but is five levels higher and restricted by paragon path.

Pointless math wankery aside, I like the Pyromancer. The features are solid for a Fire focused PP (though admittedly they could use flash) and the powers (Sun Scorch aside) are good.
Glad you like it. I wanted the classic burnination evoker to be a valid choice again, so the fire resist ignoring was really key. Wand Wizards of the world can expect another mini-project, the paragon path "Sharpshooter Magus", in the near future.

P.S: I think I owe you something but I have no idea what.
Vote Up a Campaign Setting Call for Review. I sent you two Epic Destinies (rather late, I must admit and apologize), but I never got a reply from you about them.