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    I'm bored, and in the mood to fiddle with the rules, so I'm taking build requests. These can be things you actually want to play, ideas that have been bouncing around your head that you don't know how to make work, or just challenges to test my ingenuity. I don't mind if other people give their own answers to challenges before or after I do.

    What you give me
    I'll need a brief description of the type of role you want the character to fill, any special requirements, and the general level range you want the character for. Do not mention the name of any class, or any particular known trick, just the idea you're going for. I'll accept PrC requests, but will interpret them liberally - you'll get something that fills the same archetype, but might handle it differently.

    What I give you
    A way to creatively fill that role that (in my opinion) is powerful, unique, and playable in a normal game. I won't give you anything I wouldn't allow as DM, but I may make minor houserules (if so, I'll state them and the justification). My emphasis will be on creativity, rather than literalism. What you get will not be the definitive example of its class, it'll be something that competes in the same category with (I hope) more style. I won't be making full character sheets, but I'll give you a firm basis that works.

    You: "Hey Mr Zeal Person, I want an archer who can deal huge damage and peg off enemy leaders!"
    Me: "Why certainly! Let's just grab you a level 7 Wilder. What's that you say, you were expecting a Scout or Ranger? Well, the Wilder gets Crystal Shard, and let's boost it up with Empower Power, and Metapower for that extra little edge. Hey presto, your Crystal Shard does, effectively, 10.5d6 as a ranged touch attack! Even better, let's surge to bring that up to, effectively, 15d6! And it's a ranged touch attack, so good luck anyone trying to dodge it! And then you can start taking archery feats like Psionic Shot! Hey presto, your archer does what an archer should without all the mucking about with silly things like arrows or bolts!"
    You: "....except hit something more than 40 feet away."
    Me: "Well, there's that. But you can't have everything, y'know? And you've still got a bunch of feats and psi powers to play around with."

    Concept: Archer, single target DPS
    Race/Class: Elan Wilder 7
    Necessary components: Crystal Shard power, Empower Power feat, Metapower feat.
    Result: Heavy single-target damage, does it as a ranged touch attack for reliability, scales very well with level (39d6 at lvl 20, without any further effort at all).
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