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Thread: [3e] Taking Creative Build Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikun View Post
    So it's kind of like an odd version of the Character Builder Thread? Interesting, I guess. Let's see how long the thread lasts then.

    Request #1: Build me a wielder of the Sugliin (Frostburn). If I'm wielding a big, two-handed stick, I want to be wielding a big, unusual, two-handed full of antlers. Make the character as effective as possible. I will leave what is "effective" - either damage, utility, versitality - up to you.
    Probably not long. =P To be honest, I'd completely forgotten that other thread exists even though it's stickied.

    Sugliin, eh? Not much to recommend it, and not really much to go on either. Hmm....... *digs around*
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