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    Not to steal any of Zeal's thunder here, but I can handle some of these.

    1. Sugulin wielder: Ghost Bard/Master of the Unseen Hand. Wield a Sugulin without ever touching it. Also use cool stuff like Suggestion and Haunting Melody.
    2. Shankenstein: Pixie Rogue 2/Paladin of Tyranny 2/Hexblade 3. Fly around invisibly. DR 10 and all-day flight mean you're pretty much immune to all traps that aren't true seeing activated magic traps, and you'll have stupidly high saves, mettle, and evasion. Fill the rest out with your choice of any of those classes.
    3. Wildshape Ranger/Master of the Unseen Hand. All the skills you could desire, and turn into a bear. Pretty much any combat style you want. Grapple, DPS, Charging, Specialty (engulfing), not to mention unmatched sneaking.

    Now I have a challenge for you.

    6. A grappler that can wrestle foes to the floor and toss them off of cliffs and such.
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