Request #1:

Concept: Sugliin-wielder
Race/Class: Half-Orc Paladin/Barbarian/Champion of Gwynharwyf
Necessary components: Aura of Awe alternate class feature, Frightful Presence feat.
Result: Grawr smite! With smites you're better off on single powerful attacks anyway so the special feat becomes less necessary. You also give people penalties against fear, and can stack fear effects on them when you rage, by hitting them with a terrifying massive antler-on-a-stick. This needs one more fear effect to really get things rolling and get that lovely Panic level, but you get the idea.

Request #2:
Concept: Skillmonkey/ganker
Race/Class: Human Paragon Cleric with the Kobold Domain (yes, I know =P)
Necessary Components: Wieldskill spell
Result: Quite adequate skillmonkey. Weildskill makes up for lack of ranks early on (doesn't really keep up later, but there's other tricks you can pull then), and there's plenty of other spells that can help fill the role. If possible, also get the Magic domain and grab yourself a Wand of Knock.