Request #3:

Commentary: ....honestly, you're looking for a Swordsage here. But I promised ass-backwards creativity, and I just happen to have the perfect thing already fleshed out.

Goal: Durable, stealthy melee fighter
Race/Class: Human Crusader 7 / Suel Archanamach 3 / Jade Phoenix Mage 10
Necessary Components: Extend Spell feat, Permeable Form spell, Ghost Touch reach weapon
Result: Exceedingly durable, and nastily sneaky with double-extended Permeable Form (immediate action, lasts four rounds). There's some really odd rules loopholes that allow you to do this, but trust me it works. There's a whole bunch of other spells that are great for double-extending, and nothing says "stealthy" like glaiving someone through the floor. A full build can be found here.

Request #4/#5:

Commentary: Not feeling too creative here. There isn't much flexibility here, so I'll go with the obvious. Bow-and-arrow archery has a massive dearth of options, so really there isn't much great stuff out there.

Goal: Long range Psi Archer
Race/Class: Half-Giant PsiWar / Cragtop Archer
Necessary Components: Greater Psionic Shot feat, Psionic Meditation feat, whichever damage-boosting powers you want.
Result: Pretty obvious, really. Excellent range, decent damage (I recommend Truevenom and Prescience to boost this). Synesthete helps you on those fickle spot checks, and is a good defense anyway.

Request #6

Goal: Grappler
Race/Class: Human Wizard (Focussed Specialist Conjurer)
Necessary Components: Master Specialist PrC, Rapid Summoning variant class feature (and for bonus points, access to spells off the Animal domain).
Result: Due to rather odd wordings, you can now summon monsters as a swift action. Spam creatures with larger grapple mods, and use your actual actions to buff them, debuff the enemy, or reshape the battlefield to make those cliffs to toss things off.