Alternate Request #4/#5

Comments: This whole thing is predicated on a houserule like my group has to allow anything that works with melee attacks to also work with ranged attacks (within reason). You also need to count a ray under "any touch spell", which is also arguable.

Goal: Long range Psi Archer
Race/Class: Empty Vessel Duskblade 3 / Lurk X
Necessary Components: optimize Int, get as many pp from misc sources as you can, buy a Wand of Stupidity, put a Wand chamber in your bow.
Result: Use Arcane Channeling to combine the Ray of Stupidity (1d4+1 int damage) with your normal ranged attack at your normal ranged attack range (works with Far Shot, for example), then toss a fully-augmented Mental Assault after it. At lvl 12 you'll be doing 1d4+5 Int damage, no save... which isn't all that huge but more expensive wands can help there, and that's still enough to ruin a Wizard's day or outright end anything with Int 6 or less, which is a heck of a lot of things. Plus you really haven't invested much into it that isn't useful in other ways, so you've got a reasonable base from which to do other things. Certainly pales to what a metamagicing Wizard could do back to you, but doesn't everything?