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    Quote Originally Posted by BooNL View Post
    Alright, let's have a go at this.

    I want a character focused highly on her animal companion, any class/feat/book allowed except Wild Cohort.
    So, what's the strongest animal companion you can create?
    Mwhahaaaa! I have this as a backup character in a lvl12 campaign I'm in! By which I mean the Animal Companion; the druid himself is totally out of play, and spends all his time sleeping in a cave somewhere.

    Request #7

    Comment: There seems to be some question of Bloodlines interacting with these things, and it might have been ruled not to work by FAQ. Few people take FAQ all that seriously though, so whatever.

    Goal: Animal Companion Pwnage
    Class: Druid3/Variant.Wizard3/Beastmaster1/Variant.Bard1/
    Necessary Components: Obtain Familiar feat, Theurgic Bond feat
    Result: I'm not going to work through all the math for you, but the basis is to take the Wizard variant that lets you trade your Familiar for an Animal Companion, the Bard variant that lets you trade a whole bunch of stuff for an Animal Companion, stacking all those levels together (with the Bloodline +3 boost on each one) to get your effective druid level, then using Obtain Familiar to get your familiar back and boost it too. End result, by my calculations, had an effective Druid level of 27, and an effective Wizard level of 24. Combine them via Arcane Heirophant, and you've got a highly intelligent mind in a brutally strong body with ridiculous SR, with some magic via Familiar Spell from the epic Wizard progression. No class features though, so it's not all that broken to play. Choice of body can move it dramatically up and down the power scale, to find a spot that fits your campaign.
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