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You can choose a 3 level higher AC, and have your normal effective level. Like, FLESHRAKER instead of wolf
I'm pretty flexible with the rules, be even I wouldn't allow this. It's abundantly clear that it's meant to function like Practiced Spellcaster, and gets applied before that penalty. Besides, it's hardly needed; you can dip Ranger and Spirit Shaman for +4/+0, Sorc for +4/+4, any other arcane class for +0/+4, or you could just quietly progress Arcane Hierophant for +1/+1 and get better spells to share with the familiar.

Request #8:

Comment: Nyaaa, I know there's better options out there, but I'm going for style here. Also, this is in absolutely no way viable to be played.

Concept: Ranged Touch Attack Damage
Race/Class: whatever the World Record build for optimizing Strength was (Gleemax is down)
Necessary Components: Exchange two levels for Bloodstorm Blade, Scroll/Potion/whatever of Persisted Wraithstrike, Power Attack, any Power Attack multipliers you can scrounge up, Returning Kaorti Greatsword.
Result: Stand by the dummy target, which is presumably helpless. Power Attack on your Coup de Grace (you're treating ranged attacks as melee attacks, remember) with your throwing-greatsword which is a touch attack thanks to Wraithstrike. Get that tastey x4 crit, quadrupling your strength and PA damage. Rince copious blood off you, repeat.