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Not to steal any of Zeal's thunder here, but I can handle some of these.
2. Shankenstein: Pixie Rogue 2/Paladin of Tyranny 2/Hexblade 3. Fly around invisibly. DR 10 and all-day flight mean you're pretty much immune to all traps that aren't true seeing activated magic traps, and you'll have stupidly high saves, mettle, and evasion. Fill the rest out with your choice of any of those classes.
A Skillmonkey means he can disable them so the rest of the party isn't hurt by them. Furthermore, it has almost no damage output. His response was closer, but again, has little damage output as listed.

As far as your request, that's simple.

Goliath Barbarian (Mountainous rage variant from races of stone)/Reaping Mauler/Warhulk/Hulking Hurler.

With Reaping Mauler, you can grapple. Mountainous Rage gives you Large size for Warhulk, and Hulking Hurler lets you throw your opponent.