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His response was closer, but again, has little damage output as listed.
Dude, you're a ClericZilla. Damage output is there after you buff yourself up and lay the smack down.

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As far as your request, that's simple.

Goliath Barbarian (Mountainous rage variant from races of stone)/Reaping Mauler/Warhulk/Hulking Hurler.

With Reaping Mauler, you can grapple. Mountainous Rage gives you Large size for Warhulk, and Hulking Hurler lets you throw your opponent.
If I remember correctly, Reaping Maulers lose access to their own PrC if they go up size categories (and are pretty pathetic anyway). A good straight grapple build is probably more like... Fighter4/PsiWar2/Warmind10 with Practiced Manifestor. Expansion + Grip of Iron + all the grapple feats you'll ever need + some good Warmind boosts.

Request #9

Comment: To make this character really effective, I've taken a fairly liberal interpretation of "rope".

Concept: Rope-meister
Race/Class: Human Artificer
Components: Cast "Hardening" on an adamantine Spiked Chain, Animate that object, and do the Sandwich Psion trick
Result: You're a construct, so you benefit from all the awesomeness Artificers can do to make them more powerful. You're also, fundamentally, a sort of metal rope. Let the fighter wield you, play dead, and quietly buff everyone (and/or yourself) through the roof. Note that you don't have hands, so you may want to make some Dedicated Wrights before doing the switch, but that's no problem. You also lose a lot of the standard Artificer tricks, but honestly Artificers are pretty OP to begin with. If you're really feeling classy, take your last five levels in Justicar and start hogtieing people with your own body.