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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgondantess View Post
    A charisma based fighter- something that you could sink 10 or 12s in everything but charisma, but still run up there and kick ass. No summoning creatures, no levels in a full-casting class or a class with 1/2 BAB.
    You're #11. I still haven't answered #10 (but will soon).

    Request #11

    Actually, I just posted one over in the CW Samurai thread.

    Concept: Cha-based warrior
    Race/Class: Human Fighter 2 / CW Samurai X
    Components: Weapon Focus feats for both your weapons, Combat Expertise, Circlet of Persuasion, Skill Focus: Perform, optimized Charisma.
    Result: Check that other threads for details, but basically you've got yourself one really solid general. Make thousands upon thousands of troops that much better than the enemy, force any enemy troops that approach you to flee, and fight with Crescent Moon inside an AMF if there's something you really can't scare away.
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