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Not at all what I expected, but definitely a fun result.
And that's exactly what this thread is for.

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Wield one weapon in each hand, preferably two different ones so you can choose which best to use. Flail/Rapier or Flail/Trident gives you the most options. Next, Spiked Gauntlets for punching anyone who tries to invade your personal space, and Armor Spikes for Grappling. Improved Unarmed Strike for kicking people in the face, not to mention getting Improved Grapple.

Depending on what you consider a "weapon", tossing in psionics gives you another attack to throw around. Schism allows you to attack with psionics along with your standard attacks.

You could also replace the Flail/whatever with a double weapon if you wanted to cast spells, as you could just hold it one-handed while casting. You may need lighter armor for an arcane caster, though.

Class has a lot of options. Psychic Warrior will work, especially if you want to TWF. Wilder/Slayer is a decent gish with highest level psionic powers available. I'll leave the selection of magical classes/gishes to others, who have more splatbooks.
A few additions...

1) Armor Spikes

2) Animated spiked shield (nothing RAW prevents animated shields from bashing, afaik)

3) Braid Blade

4) Foot Spike