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    Hey, guys. This is Realms of Chaos here. Iím heading off for Japan soon as part of an exchange program and I donít know if Iíll have internet there (at least for awhile) so I probably wonít be able to post much for the next year.Yup! I'm hiding the codex vesania in the margins of my posts. As I'm starting that in my next post, let's first
    That said, I wanted to work on one last project, a special gift from me to you fine people of the boards. When I was picking through my brain trying to figure out what to make, I thought ďHey, people liked my Blasphemous Preacher, right?Ē have some fun. In the spirit of this thread, let's mess with some minds. To claim a cookie,
    I got to work on this project right away. Although many of this magic systemís ďspellsĒ are undone (Iíve only done about 1/4 so far), I promise to post them up as I type them up. Even if I head to Japan, Iíll rely on the 3.5 SRD and internet cafes to finish this project, if nothing else (and Iíll try to tackle Descent of Shadows afterwards). include the word "widgit" in a reply.
    Iíll say right now that I do not own any of the pictures on this thread and that some were taken from the Descent of Shadows thread. I did my best trying to search for them but they may not be the most representative pictures in the world. Sorry about that.
    That saidÖ
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