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    Murmurs, part I

    Abomination of Nature
    “Fortunately, links from the far realms into our world are few and far between. The few “natural” portals, called cerebrotic blots, are quickly healed over by the natural world, a world that rejects the far realms utterly and completely.”
    -Codex Vesania, Planar Links
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You perceive all animals as giving angry glares in his your direction and sees
              plants as slightly threatening beings.
      2-6     You gain a touch attack that damages nature. All inanimate plants touched by you 
              take damage equal to the murmur’s level. All living creatures touched by you are 
              sickened for a number of rounds equal to the murmur’s level.
              This murmur completely divorces you from nature. For every two murmur levels 
              (rounded up), animals, fey, magical beasts, and plants start one category closer to 
              hostile towards you. You take a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s level to all 
              Survival checks.
      7       Nature banishes much of your vitality deep within yourself, leaving a conscious 
              but desiccated body with Strength and Dexterity scores of 1. the you may not use 
              breaches in this state.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Nature Cannot React: animals are dazed in you presence.
    Arboreal Pathway: plants bend out of your way to let you pass.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Swarm of Madness: create a horrid swarm that can teleport through space.
    Arboreal Puppet: animate a plant and give a single command.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    The Ground Shudders: create an earthquake
    Surge from Below: surging plant growth entangles and damages enemies.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Death to the Custodians: destroy elementals, fey, magical beasts, and plants.
    Warp Nature: warp nature into odd shapes and configurations
    5th-Level Breaches
    Infuse with the Unnatural: transform one animal into a larger pseudonatural version of itself.
    Barring of Nature: create area that natural creatures have a hard time entering.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Displace Nature’s Rage: curse one creature with the full wrath of nature
    Nature’s Last Defense: nature chokes off a small portion of itself.

    Blasphemous Avenger
    “…is yet hope at fighting the creatures that come through. After all, such creatures entering our world are formed of flesh and blood, or at least crude facsimiles. Though the war may be lost, our battles may yet wage for millennia…”
    -Codex Vesania, Bestiary Introduction
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       Tiny voices in your head urge you into combat whenever an
              opportunity presents itself.
      2-6     The tiny voices in your head provide useful insights in combat. You add the
              murmur’s level as a bonus to initiative checks and threat confirmation rolls.
              However, these voices twist your thoughts and alter your tactics. You take a 
              penalty equal to twice the murmur’s level to the damage rolls of your breaches,
              spells, and similar abilities. They also take a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s 
              level to saving throws made against emotion-altering effects.
      7       Your thoughts are locked away, transforming you into a being of pure self-
              preservation. Other than sleeping and feeding yourself, you will take no other 
              action than to attack a random adjacent creature each round with whatever means 
              are at your disposal, even if doing so would be dangerous. If not armed with 
              weapons, you will used unarmed strikes. You may not utilize feats or skills to aid 
              your attacks (such as power attack or weapon focus) or use advanced tactics (such 
              as fighting with two weapons).
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Mastery of Brutal Combat: gain weapon proficiency, bonus to damage rolls, and possibly bonus when using special maneuvers.
    Enigmatic Strike: make melee attacks from a long distance.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Blood-Seeking Strike: grant the keep property to a weapon and possibly grant it the wounding property.
    Battlefield Jinx: a small curse that hinders the opponent’s ability to fight in combat.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Reactive Form: assume a new form with increased reflexes and that can make more attacks of opportunity.
    Defenses Annulled: all attacks made become touch attacks.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Browbeat Destiny: Next critical hit is automatically confirmed
    Fire from the Wound: Small burst of energy harms those who harm you
    5th-Level Breaches
    Essence of the Outsider: gain base attack bonus equal to your Hit Dice.
    Affliction of Ineptitude: target becomes terribly inept at the art of warfare.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Realization of All Futures: Make twenty attacks with all possible results.
    Suppress Battlefield Magic: Suppress magic items, healing, and teleportation.

    Called from Nothing
    “…tether is us. Our casual knowledge keeps that realm in contact with our own, allowing more beings to cross over and spread the knowledge further. Perhaps if we knew more, the connection would be strengthened. Of course, such a source of knowledge would likely be…”
    -Codex Vesania, Xenotheurgy
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You hear faint voices in the distance from all directions as if being 
              called out to.
      2-6    You are granted with the power of conjuration. A number of times per day equal
              to the murmur’s level, you may conjure any piece of mundane equipment no more
              than 2 feet in any dimension and worth no more than 1 gp. This item lasts for 1
              hour. Also, a number of times per day equal to the mumur’s level, you may grant a
              single ally within 30 feet the benefits of flanking for a single attack an immediate 
              action. This doesn’t function against creatures with improved uncanny dodge.
              This power disconnects you from the planes to a certain degree. For every two 
              murmur levels (rounded up), outsiders and elementals start one category 
              closer to hostile towards you. They take a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s 
              level on saving throws made against effects of the teleportation subschool.
      7       Your consciousness is torn to pieces as it is conjured by dark forces in the far 
              realms. You awakes from their coma with no memory of what, if anything, 
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Call from Beyond: call a weak psuedonatural animal.
    Cerebral Mist: create a mind-warping mist
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Essence of Heresy: call a small heresy elemental to act like a familiar.
    Invocation of Hatred: summon an enemy into a nearby square and possibly stop them from using extradimensional movement for awhile.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Eerie Creation: create temporary inorganic item that seems somehow off.
    Assault from Beyond: create invisible force to attack nearby foes
    4th-Level Breaches
    Invocation of Friendship: conjure an ally from far away.
    Koartic Mist: create mist through which unseen beings attack.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Conjure Flesh of Zurguth: create vast quantities of fleshy mass that can be molded into nearly any form.
    Tirade of Heresy: call powerful heresy elementals for fight on your behalf.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Reawaken the Vast Gate: conjure a small bit of the amoebic sea
    Summon Duplicate: create a copy of yourself.

    Distant Presence
    “Some beings beyond the stars, known as elder evils, can afflict our world without leaving their home. Each movement that they make is a plague to the multiverse, a shockwave felt an infinite distance away…”
    -Codex Vesania, Elder Evils
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You sometimes underestimates the distance between yourself and an object,
              person, or place.
      2-6     Your senses are detached from your body, letting you ignore pain and extend
              your senses. The maximum range of your sight is increased by 10% (minimum 5 
              feet)/murmur level. This doesn’t extend the range of low-light vision, darkvision, 
              or similar senses. You gains a bonus equal to twice the murmur’s level to saving 
              throws against effects that create or manipulate pain.
              These detached senses make you unusually unaware of your body’s condition. You
              aren’t automatically aware of being injured (and thus aren’t awakened by injury) 
              unless the injury deals at least 3 damage/murmur level. You take a penalty equal to 
              twice the murmur’s level against paralysis and stunning effects.
      7       Your mind is cleaved from your body. Though you area able to see the area
              around you, you are unable to react upon your observations at all.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Reach from Beyond: Move an object without touching it.
    From Vantages Impossible: Peer around nearby corners.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Extension of Presence: flank creatures as if in multiple squares.
    Driving Force: make ranged bull rush attempts
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Impossible Strike: next attack catches opponent off-guard.
    Senses Beyond the Self: create a long-lasting scrying sensor that moves quickly
    4th-Level Breaches
    Grasp from Afar: make grapple attempts from a distance.
    Sustained Manipulation: telekinetically move objects or willing creatures.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Senses Beyond Existence: create slow-moving scrying sensor with superior senses.
    Up into the Sky: thrust enemies a far distance up into the sky.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Crush into Nothingness: telekinetically crush an opponent into pulp.
    Army of One: fight with a large amount of weapons that attack on your own.

    Endless Evolution
    “Not all creatures related to the far realms hail from this realm. In fact, the vast majority of creatures we’ve seen result from mutations that the far realms causes in other creatures. If these mutations could be controlled, the possibilities would be endless.”
    -Codex Vesania, Bestiary
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You always feel that you are missing something but can never quite tell what it is. 
              They sometimes feel pain coming from phantom limbs that they have never
      2-6     Your body can shift a bit to make life more convenient for you. At the start of
              each day, you chooses a skill in which they possess at least one rank. You add half
              of the murmur’s level (rounded up) as a bonus to skill checks using that skill. You 
              also add half of the murmur’s level (rounded up) to your natural armor.
              Unfortunately, your shifting form can make some tasks difficult.  Your carrying
              capacity is calculated as though your strength was penalized by the murmur’s level.
              You take a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s level to saving throws made
              against form-altering effects.
      7       You writhe in the ground in pain, often scratching at your own skin if not
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Enrichment of the Flesh: gain a +2 enhancement bonus to three ability scores.
    Weapon of Twisted Flesh: gain a natural weapon of choice.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Acquisition of Aberrant Senses: gain access to new sensory abilities
    Flesh that Melts and Roils: deform an enemy’s body, dealing Charisma damage and more.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Alter Scale and Size: increase or decrease the size category of the target.
    Enrichment of the Being: gain a +4 enhancement bonus to two ability scores.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Form that Bends and Buckles: terribly warp an opponent’s body in a painful manner.
    Rite of True Rebirth: change the target’s race after one week of rest in a fleshy cocoon.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Enrichment from Beyond: gain a +6 enhancement bonus to one ability score.
    Gift from the Outside: grant the pseudonatural template to the target.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Abhorrent Imperfection of Form: warp enemy into a form that isn’t capable of sustaining itself for long.
    Assumption of Perfect Likeness: temporarily become a creature of a different race.

    Eternal Anathema
    “Heroes and sages view the far realms in a different light. Heroes view it as they a dragon, an enemy to face or obstacle to overcome. Sages view it as they view death, inevitable and nearly impossible to overcome. The far realms are eternal. We cannot win.”
    -Codex Vesania, Introduction
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You are filled with confidence and hubris, occasionally bordering on 
              the suicidal.
      2-6     Your body is infused with power to keep yourself alive. You add twice the 
              murmur’s level to your maximum hit points. They add the murmur’s level to all
              Constitution checks.
              Though toughened, you have problems avoiding danger while so empowered. You
              take a penalty equal to the murmur’s level to your AC and Reflex saves.
      7       You are unable to move or think properly, though you can feed yourself or crawl
              along the floor. Use of thought detection detects a single message playing over and 
              over in your heads.
    [Size="5"]Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Immovable Bulwark: target becomes difficult to move but has restricted movement.
    Toughened Skin: gain or grant +2 or higher natural armor.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Abandon Bodily Disarray: gain or grant immunity to disease.
    Until the Last Breath: target can continue acting while at negative hit points.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Refusal of Bodily Harm: gain or grant damage reduction 2/- or greater.
    Skin that Sews and Patches: gain or grant fast healing.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Resolve to Resist Injury: reduce damage with a Will save.
    Unnatural Metabolism: gain or grant immunity to poison.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Break Probability: reroll a failed saving throw.
    Without Death: do not die regardless of damage dealt
    6th-Level Breaches
    Eternal Rejuvenation: gain or grant regeneration ability.
    Will to Deny Reality: ignore the next spell or attack that would deal damage.

    Fading whispers
    “There will be a time when this multiverse fades back into the chaos of the far realms. The stars will wink out, sound and sight will mix, and meaning will lose all meaning.”
    -Codex Vesania, The End Times
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       Every now and then, all of your senses seem to fail them for a moment or two
              before suddenly returning. 
      2-6     You can make your own senses fade and fade from the senses of others. A 
              number of times per encounter equal to half of the murmur’s level (rounded up), 
              you may grant themselves concealment for 1 round as a move action. You gains a 
              bonus equal to the murmur’s level to saving throws against language-dependant 
              and pattern effects.
              Your failing senses of weaken you, however. You gain a miss chance with your 
              attacks equal to 10%/murmur level. You are completely deaf in relation to 
              everything beyond 100 feet – 10 feet/murmur level.
      7       You are rendered blind, deaf, mute, numb, and incapable of smell or taste. Any
              special senses you may possess also fail to function. Staying upright is a great 
              challenge for you and combat is nearly impossible. You may not use breaches in 
              this state.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Fading Perceptions: Target takes penalty on Spot, Listen, and Sense Motive checks.
    Hidden in the Folds: Items hidden on your person via Sleight of Hand simply vanish until retrieved.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Denial of Senses: render the target blind or deaf.
    Walk Unnoticed: turn yourself invisible.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Harrowing Numbness: render a creature completely numb.
    Ignored Presence: if unarmed, make an opponent ignore your presence for one round.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Screams so Silent: target is incapable of making any sound.
    Nothing Left to See: become invisible as greater invisibility
    5th-Level Breaches
    Deprived of Senses: deprive targets of all senses.
    They All Fade Away: you and allies all turn invisible.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Form of Naught: become invisible as superior invisibility
    Perfect Perceptions of Naught: place and opponent into a long stupor.

    Generous Madness
    “Surprisingly, the far realms isn’t devoid of power to draw upon by those few desperate or depraved enough to call upon it. Perhaps this is the reason that you read this accursed codex. If you are willing to stare into the abyss, I will be more than happy to guide you towards such madness…”
    -Codex Vesania, Xenotheurgy Introduction
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       Whenever you witness an ally suffer injury, you feel a sharp, stinging pain. 
      2-6     You are better able to understand and aid your allies. Whenever you use the aid
              another action, the bonus granted is increased by half of the murmur’s level
              (rounded up). A number of times per day equal to the murmur’s  level, you may
              spend a swift action to grant a willing touched ally the benefits and drawbacks of 
              one of your active murmurs for 1 round (you do not grant access to breaches, 
              disturbances, or incursions).
              Alas, you become dependant upon your allies for power and leak energy that 
              enemies may utilize. Adjacent enemies gain a bonus equal to half of the murmur’s 
              level (rounded up) to attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. While not within
              10 feet of any allies, you take a penalty equal to your murmur’s level to all attack
              rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.
      7       Though you remain ambulatory, you are partially trapped within your own mind.
              All movement speeds you possess are halved, you take a –10 penalty to all d20 
              rolls, and you cannot use breaches or make other offensive actions
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Distracting Aid: grant allies bonus on attack rolls and will saves but penalty to concentration checks
    Channel Prowess: grant target the use of one of your skills.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Maddening Rage: willing allies fly into a fit of rage
    Stitch in Time and Space: grant allies a move action
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Hubristic Morale: grant all allies large morale bonuses
    Channel Training: grant target the use of one feat you possess.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Sympathetic Healing: allies can take damage to heal each other.
    Resistance of the Hivemind: All allies make saving throws against mind-affecting effects and take the highest result.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Tear in Time and Space: grant allies a standard action
    Synergistic Empowerment: grant all allies a couple temporary Hit Dice.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Anathemic Pariah: suffer from the effect of a failed saving throw in place of an ally.
    Hivemind of Madness: all allies are joined together in a telepathic and sensory link.

    Half-Heard Secrets
    “…Rest assured, madness will soon be the only path left for you. Even if you can resist the temptation to overuse your powers, the knowledge that you will soon possess will slowly drive you mad, as it is doing to me. There is simply no way to stop it.”
    -Codex Vesania, Xenotheurgy Introduction
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You dream of alien libraries filled with empty tomes.
      2-6     You are gifted with vast quantities of knowledge on various subjects. You gain a
              bonus equal to the murmur’s level to all knowledge check. A number of times per
              day equal to the murmur’s level, you may reroll a knowledge check and use the
              highest of the two rolls.
              The price for this knowledge is a copious amount of forbidden lore that clouds the 
              mind and creates disturbing mental images. At the start of an encounter, you are 
              staggered for a number of rounds equal to half of the murmur’s level (rounded up). 
              You take a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s level to saving throws against 
              phantasm effects.
      7       You are lost in your own mind as you start shouting out random facts,
              figures, and theories that you know. You seems to regain bodily control while in a
              place of knowledge such as a library but may take no other actions other than light
              activity directly relating to research.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Mad Pronouncement: announce a minor secret of the multiverse to hinder nearby creatures.
    A Thousand Searching Eyes: locate one nearby object.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Eyes to the Future: see a short distance into the future.
    Recall Legends: learn all legends told about nearby persons, places, and things
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Elucidate Function: Identify the magical properties of a single item.
    They Cannot Hide: locate one nearby creature.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Gaze into Tomorrow: see far into the future but with little detail.
    Monstrous Mythos: learn about a single creature in sight
    5th-Level Breaches
    Inescapable Eyes: discover the current location of any person, place, or thing
    Dread Whispers: whisper a dreaded secret of the multiverse to greatly hinder one foe.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Acquisition of Truth: gain the answer to a single yes or no question.
    Of Things Yet to Come: constantly see a few moments into the future.

    Insidious Pact
    “Let no mistakes be made. A blessed xenotheurgist has struck a deal with forces beyond their understanding. Their willingness to accept the far realms is just as much a deal as any vestige’s pact or infernal contract. Many discover far too late just how binding their agreement is.”
    -Codex Vesania, Xenotheurgy
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       Whenever you fail a saving throw, you can hear a distant voice quietly
              offering you a deal but the offer is always interrupted by the effect.
      2-6     You are granted great skill and protection by your otherworldly 
              contacts. You gain a bonus equal to twice the murmur’s level to Forgery checks.
              At the start of an encounter, all damage dealt to you are converted to nonlethal 
              damage for one round per two murmur levels (rounded up). If you are immune to 
              nonlethal damage, this has no effect.
              These otherworldly deals penalize you for combat and make you vulnerable to
              magical control. Once a battle begins, you takes a penalty equal to the murmur’s
              level to all attack rolls for one round two per murmur levels (rounded up). You take 
              a penalty equal to twice the murmur’s level to saving throws made against 
              compulsion effects.
      7       You are controlled by one of the entities that you have dealt with, becoming a true 
              neutral NPC with an attitude of unfriendly towards your allies.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Exchange with the Ether: sacrifice health in exchange for a boon.
    Bind to Truth: extraplanar creatures affected cannot lie or deceive.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Unbreakable Compact: create a contract that neither party is capable of breaking.
    Sacrifice to the Beyond: offer a sacrifice to dark masters in exchange for a magical boon.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Tethered from Outside: bind a creature from the far realms to bargain with it.
    Binding of the Soul: bind a single vestige to your soul.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Mark of Ultimatum: target must refrain from course of action or risk corporeal instability.
    Dread Knowledge: become trusted with great knowledge but risk insanity each round it is used.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Bound from Outside: bind a greater creature from the far realms creature to bargain with it.
    Anathemic Gateway: grant a window into the world for an otherworldly being in exchange for a bit of power.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Reshaped by the Master: temporarily become a half-farspawn creature.
    Eternal Contract: return from death so long as the commands of an unseen master are completed.

    Path of Entropy
    “Elder evils will likely be the beings to end us. They are stronger than the gods and seem to seek nothing less than our oblivion, if they’ve even noticed us at all. They cannot be reasoned with or fought. They are as entropy, harmful, eternal, and inescapable.”
    -Codex Vesania, Elder Evils
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You feel some small desire to kill every creature you meet, deface any place you 
              go, and destroy any object you see.
      2-6     You are blessed with the power of entropy. All of your attacks ignore one point of
              hardness per murmur level. When you make a coup de grace, the Fortitude DC is 
              increased by an amount equal to the murmur’s level.
              The power of entropy tries to consume you from the inside out. The amount of
              food that you require is doubled per murmur level (as normal, two doublings equal
              a tripling and so on). Any healing that you receive is reduced by 2 points per 
              murmur level.
      7       You lose all interest in the world around you, becoming utterly apathetic. You can
              still walk if led around and perform simple tasks if aided but have no initiative of 
              your own.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Battered by Entropy: damage an object and reduce its toughness
    Visions of Emptiness: stun and damage target with visions of emptiness
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Unravel Dweomer: dispel magical effects.
    Sanctuary Outside: temporarily take refuge beyond the multiverse.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Destroyed by Entropy: Obliterate inanimate object.
    Touch of Ages: age touched humanoid or monstrous humanoid.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Airless Void: remove all air from an area, making those in the area hold their breaths or suffocate.
    Entropic Backlash: damage all weapons that strike at you.
    5th-Level Breaches
    All Things Must End: disintegrate as the spell.
    Unravel the Unnatural: Dispel supernatural abilities
    6th-Level Breaches
    Expelled from Existence: send target into the far realms.
    Hide Beyond Eternity: hide indefinitely within the far realms.

    Reflection of Nightmare
    “…Beyond this mere irony rests a single question that I find myself unable to answer. If brief contact with the far realms breeds our dreams, how must nightmares form?”
    -Codex Vesania, Planar Links
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       whenever creatures show fear towards you, you hear silent voices congratulating
              you and urging you onwards.
      2-6     You become a very imposing figure, capable of commanding respect through the
              use of fear. You gain a bonus equal to twice the murmur’s level to intimidate
              checks. Also, creatures rendered friendly through the use of the intimidate skill 
              remain so for an additional 10 minutes/murmur level after leaving your presence.
              You have a hard time communicating using methods other than intimidation and
              are rendered fearful by the own energies they channel. You take a penalty equal to
              half of the murmur’s level (rounded up) to all charisma-based skill checks other 
              than use magic device and intimidate. You also take a penalty equal to twice the 
              murmur’s level to saving throws made against fear effects.
      7       You fall into nightmare-filled dreams where creatures from beyond the stars feast
              upon you.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Air of the Unnatural: cause unease in nearby targets
    Imposing Presence: gain bonus to intimidate checks and intimidated creatures may act as if they were helpful
    2nd-Level Breaches
    No Rest for the Frightful: Target can’t sleep for one full day.
    Burst of Formless Terror: Frighten many weak creatures.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Unhinging Nightmares: a terrible nightmare damage the target’s sanity.
    Implant Insidious Fears: Instill a phobia of one person, place, or thing.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Stream of Cosmic Horror: frighten almost any creature in existence.
    Flow of Adrenaline: target gains benefits while under the effects of a fear affect.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Truest Nightmare: As the nightmare spell, with a few modifications.
    Piercing Fright from Beyond: Frighten even those who are immune to fear affects.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Stop what Makes them Tick: Stop enemy’s heart through use of fear.
    Obedience through Fear: Turn target into a fearful thrall.

    Rewoven Elements
    “All elements and energies that we know come from the far realms. However, we are fortunate enough to have stable elements. Out there, positive energy is unrelated to life as fire is unrelated to heat. Seeing the implications of this, I have been sure to…”
    -Codex Vesania, The Far Realms
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You no longer consciously notices the temperature around you (though you suffer 
              the effects of your environment normally).
      2-6     You gains a certain degree of elemental protection. At the start of  each day, you
              choose one form of elemental damage. You gain energy resistance against that
              element equal to twice the murmur’s level. Against effects with that element’s 
              descriptor, you gain a bonus equal to the murmur’s level to saving throws.
              Against other elements, you are rendered vulnerable. Other forms of elemental 
              damage deal extra damage to you equal to the murmur’s level. Against effects with 
              the descriptors of other elements, you take a penalty equal to half of the murmur’s 
              level to saving throws.
      7       You fall unconscious and are wrapped in a cocoon formed from the natural 
              elements around you. The cocoon has 10 hardness and 100 hit points but reforms
              1d4 rounds after being destroyed.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Distill Element: create a harmless and permanent representation of an element.
    Touch of Reweaving: deal elemental damage with a touch attack.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Elemental Alchemy: Transform one substance into another of lesser value.
    Heighten Energy Resistance: increase resistance against energy damage and possibly change the element to which the resistance applies.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Destabilize Elements: Destabilize elements in the area to make an area attack.
    Form in Flux: Gain a few elemental traits.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Threshold of Instability: Open temporary portal to inner plane
    Called from Stability: create elementals from surroundings.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Terrible Reweaving: damage a single target with an onslaught of elemental might.
    Ward of Heatless Flames: gain energy immunity to resisted element and possibly change the element to which the resistance applies.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Truest Alchemy: Temporarily transmute one substance into another of greater value.
    World In Flux: Alter the presence of elements within range as on Limbo.

    Road to Nowhere
    “The important thing to realize is that there is no escape. Running from the beings that eye our world is fruitless. You must understand, the entire multiverse is connected to their realm and they can see through all of it. Ironically, the one place where one might escape their eyes is within the far realms itself.”
    -Codex Vesania, The Endoom Times
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You feel uncomfortable when required to stay in one place for an extended period
              of time, often fidgeting or pacing when possible.
      2-6     You are able to keep traveling long after others had surrendered to fatigue. You
              add twice the murmur’s level as a bonus to Constitution checks made to keep
              running. You may ignore the penalties of the exhausted condition for a number of 
              hours equal to the murmur’s level. You suffer the penalties for fatigue during this 
              You become bad at staying still and worse at staying hidden while on the move.
              You take a penalty equal to the murmur’s level to attack rolls if you haven’t
              already moved at least 10 feet in that round. You take a penalty equal to twice the
              murmur’s level on Hide and Move Silently checks whenever you move at least 5
      7       Your consciousness fades away but you remain ambulatory, moving at a speed
              of 5 feet in a straight line if not restrained. You will do nothing to avoid obstacles
              or to get up if knocked prone.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Road of Lengthened Strides: increases movement speed by +10 feet or more.
    The Road Less Traveled: you and allies ignore the effects of difficult terrain and may create difficult terrain.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Canniness of the Traveler: gain bonuses with movement skills.
    Long and Winding Roads: slow down an opponent.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    The Unseen Path: can walk on water, semisolids, and weak substances.
    Uncanny Trailblazer: target no longer provokes attacks of opportunity for movement.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Discover the Path: learn the location of nearby roads, canals, trails, and paths.
    Lost and Alone: target is locked in place and may see images from the far realms.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Path of the Skybleeder: walk on air as the air walk spell.
    Trailblazer’s Assault: target can move and make full attack.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Guardian of the Road: target is forever bound to a single road or trail.
    Stepping Stones to Eternity: gain one or more free rounds of action.

    Sinister Persuasion
    “When I started down this path, I thought that I would remain in control. Time and time again, however, I found the temptation of my powers too great to resist. As I sit at the brink of insanity, I know fully well the charms possessed by power.”
    -Codex Vesania, Introduction
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       As you speak, you hear echoes of your voice saying slightly different messages.
      2-6     You become talented with words as your speech more closely resembles the
              echoes. When you make a rushed Diplomacy check, the penalty to the check is
              reduced by the murmur’s level. When making an unbelievable bluff, the bonus to 
              opposed Sense Motive checks is reduced by twice the murmur’s level (minimum
              This murmur makes you a considerably bad judge of character and changes your
              mindset to disdain (or at least not favor) combat. You take a penalty equal to twice 
              the murmur’s level to Sense Motive checks. In an encounter, you may not take 
              aggressive actions until they have been damaged by an enemy or a number of 
              rounds have past equal to half of the murmur’s level (rounded up).
      7       You are driven insane, as the insanity spell. Whenever you would be able to
              act normally, they cannot make standard or full-round actions.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Web of Lies: bonus to Bluff checks and successful bluffs add bonus to later bluffs.
    Entrancing Presence: fascinate a crowd of spectators.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Deception of Perfection: charm a creature so that it can’t perceive your faults.
    Battered resolve: opponent loses the will to fight
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Misplaced Hostility: target’s attitude towards two creatures are switched.
    Denial of Truth: confuse the target.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Implant Temptation: compel a target to take an action and make them believe it was their own idea.
    Rewrite Morality: alter the alignment of the target.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Trial of Damnation: Bind a single creature to a quest of some sort.
    Deception of Sanctuary: target must make Will save in order to attack you.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Acceptance of Truth: drive one creature permanently insane.
    Thralldom: turn one creature into a permanent thrall.
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