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    Murmurs, Part II

    Soothing Insanity
    ďIf the truths that you have learned bring you only pain, do not forget that I have warned you from the start. If you find inner peace within these dark truths, know that you are fortunate. When the world ends, you alone will not quake in fearĒ
    -Codex Vesania, Conclusion
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       whenever you witness a disease or malady, a half dozen homeopathic remedies
              and nonsensical concoctions spring to mind.
      2-6     You gain an aura that heals the wounds and numbs the mind of those nearby. This 
              is a double-edged sword, however, as it heals enemies and weakens the will of
              allies. All creatures within 30 feet of you gain fast healing equal to the murmurís 
              level and take a penalty of equal size to Will saves while at or below half of their
              total hit points. This fast healing only heals nonlethal damage and this aura may not be suppressed. 
      7       Regardless of the situation, you are content to sit on the ground and grin, suffering 
              from inner peace and several dissociative disorders. He or she will undertake no
              other actions.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Balm of Madness: addle the targetís mind to aid in bedrest
    Conduit of Twisted Recovery: cure vast quantities of health in a huge number of increments.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Remove Affliction: cure ability damage to the target.
    Parasitic Healing: parasites cause slight problems but remove disease.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Conduit of Tainted Resurgence: cure huge quantities of health in many increments.
    Channel into the Beyond: open channel causes mental risks but cures poison
    4th-Level Breaches
    Remedy Bane: cure ability damage and drain to the target
    Mind-Clearing Mania: use insanity to cure the target of a mind-affecting effect.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Conduit of Aberrant Rejuvenation: cure large quantities of health in a few increments.
    Severance of Nerves: target is incapable of feeling pain.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Alleviate Infirmity: cure ability damage and drain and negative levels to the target
    Death that Never Was: return to life target that was slain within the past round.

    Space Between Stars
    ďDespite the lack of constant links, however, some creatures have proven themselves able to enter our world seemingly at whim. That they do so as rarely as they do may suggest that the channels they take are risky or unpleasant. I can only imagine what they would do to a sane mortal.Ē
    -Codex Vesania, Planar Links
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       When you look into the night sky, you see constellations that nobody else can.
      2-6     You move not only through space but through dimensions. You gain a bonus
              equal to twice the murmurís level to your AC against attacks of opportunity. A
              number of times per day equal to the murmurís level, you may teleport 5 feet as a 
              swift action.
              This constant teleportation skews perception of time and may lead to phasing out 
              of reality at the worst possible time. You take a penalty equal to twice the 
              murmurís level to initiative checks. You take a penalty equal to the murmurís level 
              to climb and balance checks.
      7       You are constantly teleporting into the space that you occupy. Before you can 
              become aware of your surroundings or form a coherent thought, you are already 
              teleporting a couple centimeters away.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Dimensional Hiccup: teleport touched creature a short distance
    Into the Ether: see and attack ethereal creatures
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Astral Pathway: travel a short distance each round
    Disable Portal: disable a magical portal or possibly a mundane portal.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Creation of Space: create small extradimensional space.
    Baleful Teleportation: teleport small parts of an opponent away
    4th-Level Breaches
    Door Through Space: teleport a good distance.
    Dimensional Mooring: prevent target form using extradimensional travel and possibly dampen such effects around them.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Space Beyond All Planes: create larger extradimensional space.
    Momentary Jaunt: teleport enemy away for a few rounds.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Harrowing Travel: travel far distance over a long period of time.
    Breaking the Gates: Travel from one plane of existence to another.

    Tongue from Beyond
    ďFew creatures from the far realms have ever communicated with us mortals. As they come from a world devoid of form or meaning, things like syntax and vocabulary are likely hard to grasp. Still, considering the few creatures who have been communicated with, perhaps we should hope that things remain this way.Ē
    -Codex Vesania, Bestiary
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       Whenever you hear speech in a language that you donít speak, bits and pieces of it 
              seem oddly familiar.
      2-6     You are gifted with languages. Each day, you select one language per murmur
              level. You understand and can read the languages but cannot speak or write in 
              them You gains a bonus equal to twice the murmurís level to Decipher Script 
              This mastery with language sometimes keeps you from hiding your meaning or 
              weakens you against certain effects. All Sense Motive checks made to see a hidden 
              message that you are trying to deliver gains a bonus equal to twice the murmurís 
              level. You take a penalty equal to twice the murmurís level to saving throws made 
              against language-dependant effects.
      7       You start speaking in tongues (not as the spell) and seem to lose awareness of your 
              surroundings. You are still fully mobile but simply view what you are doing as 
              being more important that attacking enemies, using breaches, or doing anything 
              else other than spouting gibberish or walking around.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Master of Ciphered Tongues: speak any language but it is difficult to discern your meaning.
    Connection Beyond Speech: connect empathically with another creature
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Empathic Interrogation: Learn the answers to questions asked to the target through emotional responses.
    Hold Thy Tongue: target cannot speak about a specific topic.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Breathless Words: have a telepathic exchange with a target creature.
    Curse of Muteness: target becomes unable to speak or communicate at all.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Empathic Torture: empathically connect enemy with creature from far realms to rattle them.
    Speak to the Speechless: communicate with creatures that do not speak your language or that speak any language at all.
    5th-Level Breaches
    No Whisper Soft Enough: become aware of any speech on a specific target (or of any speech at all) within a large area.
    Talk Through the Outside: Send a message to a target anywhere, even on other planes.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Empathic Protection: target takes all damage that you would take in your place.
    Telepathic Web: communicate with all nearby creatures telepathically and grant such creatures telepathy.

    Unbalanced Scales
    ďIn regards to creatures living beyond the planes, death and life have very little meaning. I have heard of creatures born through the mutilation of their own body and seemingly living beings whose lives are perpetual deaths. Beyond the planes, life and death mean little. There are only things that can fight and things that canít.Ē
    -Codex Vesania, Beastiary.
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       You hear the wails of those you have slain, always pleading to be 
              allowed another chance at life.
      2-6     Energies from the far realms grant you limited control over the balance
              of life and death. You gain a touch attack that heals or damages (your choice)
              any creature by an amount equal to the murmurís level. No creature may be
              affected by this touch more than once per day. Furthermore, you may ignore a
              number of negative levels at any time up to the murmurís level.
              At the same time, this control drags you closer to death. You take a penalty 
              to all Fortitude saves equal to twice the murmurís level. Also, each round that you
              are below 0 health and are not stabilized, you suffer damage equal the murmurís
              level (this replaces the normal 1 damage per round).
      7       You alternate between a deathlike coma and debilitating fits of hysterical laughter.
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Reserves of Twisted Resilience: grant temporary hit points
    Waning Tides of Life: fatigue or exhaust an enemy.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Rejection of Death: save target from death with a ward.
    Souls to Silence Screams: slay the dying to maintain sanity
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Craft of the Damned: make temporary pseudonatural undead.
    Obscure the Veil: grant protection from death effects and similar sources of death.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Affliction of Life: grant vulnerabilities of the living to the undead.
    Cutting the Tethers: weaken or possibly slay a single creature.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Dust to Dust: terribly damage nearby undead.
    Singularity of Souls: release a huge burst of energy at the cost of own life force.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Back from Beyond: Temporarily return a target from the dead.
    The Final Destination: Slay weakened creatures and send their souls to the far realms.

    Waking Dream
    ďIt is odd how the far realms are linked to the dreams of others. Whenever elder evils toss and turn, beings across the planes see gruesome nightmares. At the source of all dreams is the dream heart, the source of all worldly desires and madness. The source of the dream heart, I suspect, is a link to the far realms. That the dreams we consider so normal may be linked to something so unearthly is a crowning ironyÖĒ
    -Codex Vesania, Planar Links
    Abilities and Drawbacks:
    Level    Effects
      1       The world occasionally seems dreamlike and unreal for you, if only 
              for moments at a time.
      2-6     The waking dreams rejuvenate you and protect your mind.
              You can forego a number of hours of sleep each night equal to the murmurís level.
              You also add the murmurís level to Will saves made against charm effects.
              At the same time, the dreams ruin your senses and coordination. You take
              a penalty to their speed equal to Ė5 feet/murmur level, to a minimum of 5 feet. 
              You also take a penalty to spot and listen checks equal to twice the murmurís level.
      7       You fall to the ground in and enters a nightmare-filled coma. Your 
              eyes are open and constantly flicker about, sometimes rolling into your 
    Granted Powers
    1st-Level Breaches
    Echoes of the Abyss: create disembodied voice to follow one target.
    Foe Without a Face: cause acute paranoia in a single target.
    2nd-Level Breaches
    Figment of the Dreamscape: create a basic but long-lasting figment.
    Unraveling of Form and Face: grant concealment or disguise oneself.
    3rd-Level Breaches
    Dreams Made Manifest: reveal a targetís deepest desire.
    Twilight Tidings: contact a creature within their dreams.
    4th-Level Breaches
    Nighttime Walker: remain mostly active while asleep.
    Phantom of the Dreamscape: create a figment that is hard to detect.
    5th-Level Breaches
    Loss of Face and Form: grant self total concealment or convincing disguise.
    Puppetry of Nightmares: compel a sleeping creature to sleepwalk and aid you.
    6th-Level Breaches
    Glimpse of the Beyond: drive foe insane with impossible sensations and sights.
    Nightmarish Heart of the Dreamscape: create a figment with some real essence behind it.
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