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    The multiverse quakes under the weight of an epic true xenotheurgist, calling forth breaches without care to the consequences. Though their powers may no longer control them, they release enough of a daily basis to cause serious harm to the world, even if they refrain from using their breaches or incursions.
    You should focus on your abilities at a true xenotheurgist, whether increasing your skill with normal breaches or gaining access to cataclysms. There are many good paths for an epic true xenotheurge to consider.
    Other Options: Of course, Epic Will is worth considering. If your Constitution score is high enough, Fast Healing is invaluable for letting you enter empowerment and exit it soon afterwards.
    Hit Die: d10
    Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier
    Murmurs: The true xenotheurgist gains access to an additional murmur at 22nd level and every even level afterwards, until they have obtained a total of twenty murmurs.
    Breaches: The true xenotheurgistís xenotheurgy level still equals to sum of all of your Hit Dice from all sources.
    Disturbances: as normal, a true xenotheurgist possesses one disturbance for every murmur they possess. When they possess all of their murmurs, they may gain no more disturbances.
    Greater Harbingerís Mark: The true xenotheurge gains an additional greater harbingerís mark (or weaker ability) at 21st level and every 4 levels afterwards (25th, 29th, 33rd). If there are no remaining harbinger mark abilities to select from, they instead gain a bonus feat (see below).
    Never the Same: As before, you gain a small mutation at each odd level, granting you a stacking +1 bonus to a skill check of your choice
    Bonus Feats: The epic true xenotherugy gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic true xenotheurgist feats) at 23rd level and every 4 levels afterwards.
    Subverted Insanity (Su): You gain an extra daily use of Subverted insanity at 24th level and every 4 levels afterwards. Furthermore, you gain an extra weekly use of Subverted Insanity at each level.
    Epic True Xenotheurgist Bonus Feat List: Armor Skin, Damage Reduction, Energy Resistance, Epic Will, Extended Life Span, Fast Healing, Great Charisma, Great Intelligence, Great Wisdom, Greater Cataclysm, Mass Incursion, Plunge into Madness, Sanity Forgotten, Seize Empowerment, Stave off Insanity, Strength from Madness, Unleash Cataclysm, Withdraw from Madness


    21st|Greater Harbingerís Mark, Never the Same|


    23rd|Bonus Feat, Never the Same|

    24th|Disturbance, Subverted Insanity 7/day|

    25th|Greater Harbingerís Mark, Never the Same|


    27th|Bonus Feat, Never the Same|

    28th|Disturbance, Subverted Insanity 8/day|

    29th|Greater Harbingerís Mark, Never the Same|

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