Lissa, rogue

Once the high-strung rogue has recovered from the shock of being surrounded by 'giant bugs', she apologizes to Lumpy for using him as a jumping-off point. "I'm just so used to climbing when I'm being cha... er, in danger. I guess my instincts took over. Anyway, I'm really sorry about that." Lissa explains that she 'had an unfortunate experience' with giant insects in the past, and the formians resembled insects quite a bit.

The gnome almost fades into the darkness around the party, in her dark gray armor and cloak. Lissa doesn't seem bothered by the tight quarters- probably because five feet is a perfectly fine height for a ceiling when you're only a bit over three feet tall yourself. She holds her loaded crossbow in both hands, edging along the right-hand wall. Only the faintest whisper of leather and cloth on rock, the soft sound of breathing, tell where she is.

(OOC: Lissa's being stealthy, so roll for Hide and Move Silently.)