When Thokk nocks his arrow, Sedryn slams a gauntleted hand into Thokk's arm, spoiling his aim. The arrow soars off toward the far side of the cavern, clattering away into the darkness.

"What in the Hells (Lathander forgive my language!) do you think you're doing, dwarf?" he hisses angrily.

"You would murder a helpless, unarmed man in distress simply based on the color of his skin and hair and call yourself a 'hero'?

"I have known dwarves in my day and generally found them to be as stout of heart as they were brave in combat. You on the other hand are nothing but a bloodthirsty coward. You are a disgrace to your clan and I am ashamed to walk with you!"

Sedryn spits on the ground.