Lizadrkin Druid

The lizardkin walked unhurriedly from the ant-giants as he realised they were not pursuing. Deciding he'd never see ants in the same way again. He watched them for a while more before following the fast-moving party, wondering if he'd encounter them again.

On the long trek that followed, he followed at the end serving as rearguard, his darkvision allowing him to not be dependant on the corrupt enchantments that lit the way for the pinkskins. He continuously watched out for any foes and signs of pursuit from behind. On occasion the pinkskin magic-user who offered to aid him in pinkspeech dropped back to talk to him. He learned that he was an incredible distance away from the hunting grounds and only the knowledge that Sethra was close kept him focussed and willing to remain in this deep subterranean realm.

When the other spotted a light ahead and went off to scout ahead. He squatted and re-arranged his backpack. Wrapping and storing the strange plant-bits in bits of cloth, examining them. (OOC: DR, lemme know if i should just toss it or if i can figure out what their uses are. thanks)

He was interrupted by the return of the scouts and the party crept to a ledge and peered over at a figure tied to a rock below.

He hisses softly in disgust as they began to argue in typical pinkskin custom. Peering over to study the creature further..
So that is the creture they call 'dr-ow'..

In shape and size it looks just like a pinkskin but it's hide and hair are different in color..
A black variety of pinkskin.. a blackskin..

As the others discuss to kill it or save it, the growling of his stomach serves to remind him of his hunger.
...mmm... How does blackskin taste like?
Turning back to look at the others, he shakes his head deciding that the other pinkskins simply would be frightened.
As the others trudge off to the blackskin, he shakes his head and rises from his squat.

One more pinkskin to mind...
This promises to be a long..long hunt
It falls to me then to discover what the pinkskin was tied up and left for
He remains at the terrace and begins to study the cavern carefully, drawing a barbed dart and holding it ready.